friendz - 

Chainz of Friendz, a multi-platform puzzle game


Place monsters to create big chains of friends. You cannot add or remove monsters on a metal block. Monsters cannot have more that two direct friends. You must build one chain for each type of monster.


Select a monster in the right pane and click on the board to add or remove the monster. Keep the mouse button down on the map to place multiple monsters. Click on a monster on a metal block to automatically select the monster.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • 1 to 9 : select a monster
  • 0 : eraser
  • q : metal block (editor only)


Once the editor is unlocked you can create your own levels.

Challenge levels

In challenge level you have to place as much as monster as possible.


This game was originally developed for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #9.


The artwork was created by Sam Hocevar <> for the Monsterz arcade puzzle game