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Memorize Shapes and Colors

A memory-based game where figures are cliqued in sequence by the computer and should be replayed by the player in the same order. As the player progresses, more figures are added and the sequences to remember become longer.

The player can make up to 2 errors to solve a single level. At the 3rd error, the level has to be replayed.

The game use a very simple user interface and features big figures with bright colors and simple distinguishable shapes; that makes it suitable for young children.

The game offers three modes (difficulty level)

Easy (for young children):

  • Start with 2 figures, 1 to remember
  • Figures are easily distinguishable
  • Figures remain on place
  • After 3 errors, the same level is replayed

Medium (for normal player):

  • Like easy but:
  • Start with 3 figures, 3 to remember
  • Figures are moved after the sequence played by the computer
  • After 3 errors, a new level is produced

Hard (for hypermnesic players)

  • Like medium but:
  • Figures use overlapping combinations of colors and shapes
  • Figures are shuffled completely