package dom
Easy XML DOM parser


  • dom: Easy XML DOM parser
    • xml_entities: Basic blocks for DOM-XML representation
    • parser: XML DOM-parsing facilities
    • dom: Easy XML DOM parser


module xml_entities

Basic blocks for DOM-XML representation

DOM entities are defined in this module, specifically:

  • XMLEntity: Abstract kind of XML-related node
  • XMLDocument: A well-formed XML document, root of the tree
  • PCDATA: Raw XML-escaped character data
  • CDATA: Raw data, may contain invalid XML escape characters
  • XMLTag: Abstract XML tag element
  • XMLAttrTag: Abstract XML element, they may contain attributes
  • XMLOnelinerTag: Any tag contained on one-line only
  • XMLStartTag: A tag starting a new hierarchy level in the tree
  • XMLPrologTag: A tag containing meta-information on the document, must start with <?xml
  • XMLProcessingInstructionTag: Any XML tag starting with <? other than the prolog tag
  • XMLEndTag: A tag signaling the end of a block
  • XMLCommentTag: A comment tag
  • XMLSpecialTag: A special tag, which may contain meta-information
  • XMLDoctypeTag: A DOCTYPE tag, use to register a DTD
  • XMLAttribute: Any kind of attribute that may be attached to a tag
  • XMLStringAttr: An attribute containing a String
  • XMLError: Any kind of error thrown while parsing a document