Dynamic content is served by subclassing `Action` and implementing `answer`. This method receives an `HttpRequest` and must return an `HttpResponse`. *nitcorn* provides `FileServer`, a simple `Action` to serve static files. `HttpRequest` contains the GET and POST arguments as well as session data it one exists. The produced `HttpResponse` should contain the HTTP status code, the body, session data to preserve or create a session, and optionally list files to append. Each `Action` may be associated to many instances of `Route`. These routes can simply identify the root of a service, but also define parameters within the URI. *nitcorn* instances are configured dynamically in Nit code with the interfaces and routes created as needed. *nitcorn* plays well with other Nit services and tools such as `serialization`, `mongodb`, `sqlite` and `nitiwiki`. It also benefits from the full power of the Nit language: class refinement can be used to customize default services and merge many applications in a single server, and the FFI enables calling services in different languages.


A minimal example follows with a custom `Action` and using `FileServer`. More general examples are available at `lib/nitcorn/examples/`. For an example of a larger project merging many *nitcorn* applications into one server, take a look at the configuration of `http://xymus.net/` at `../contrib/xymus_net/xymus_net.nit`. Larger projects using *nitcorn* can be found in the `contrib/` folder: * *opportunity* is a meetup planner heavily based on *nitcorn*. * *tnitter* is a micro-blogging platform with a simple Web and RESTful interface. * *benitlux* uses a custom `Action` to subscribe people to a mailing list and define a RESTful interface.

Simple hello world server

~~~ import nitcorn # Simple Action to display the Hello World page and the get arguments class HelloWorldAction super Action redef fun answer(http_request, turi) do var title = "Hello World!" var args = http_request.get_args.join(",", ":") var response = new HttpResponse(200) response.body = """ {{{title}}}


GET args: {{{args}}}

""" return response end end # Listen on `localhost:8080` var vh = new VirtualHost("localhost:8080") # Serve `http://localhost:8080/hello.html` with our custom action vh.routes.add new Route("/hello.html", new HelloWorldAction) # Serve everything else under `http://localhost:8080/` using a `FileServer` with a root at "/var/www/" vh.routes.add new Route(null, new FileServer("/var/www/")) # Launch server var factory = new HttpFactory.and_libevent factory.config.virtual_hosts.add vh factory.run ~~~


This nitcorn library is a fork from an independent project originally created in 2013 by Jean-Philippe Caissy, Guillaume Auger, Frederic Sevillano, Justin Michaud-Ouellette, Stephan Michaud and Maxime Bélanger. It has been adapted to a library, and is currently maintained, by Alexis Laferrière.