Vector Space Model

Vector Space Model (VSM) is an algebraic model for representing text documents (and any objects, in general) as vectors of identifiers, such as, for example, index terms. It is used in information filtering, information retrieval, indexing and relevancy rankings. The `vsm` package provides the following features: * Vector comparison with cosine similarity. * Vector indexing and matching with tf * idf. * File indexing and matching to free text queries.


With VSM, documents are represented by a n-dimensions vector. Each dimension represent an attribute of the document or object. For text document, the count of each term found in the document if often used to build vectors.

Creating a vector

~~~ var vector = new Vector vector["term1"] = 2.0 vector["term2"] = 1.0 assert vector["term1"] == 2.0 assert vector["term2"] == 1.0 assert vector.norm.is_approx(2.236, 0.001) ~~~

Comparing vectors

~~~ var v1 = new Vector v1["term1"] = 1.0 v1["term2"] = 2.0 var v2 = new Vector v2["term2"] = 1.0 v2["term3"] = 3.0 var query = new Vector query["term2"] = 1.0 var s1 = query.cosine_similarity(v1) var s2 = query.cosine_similarity(v2) assert s1 > s2 ~~~


VSMIndex is a Document index based on VSM. Using VSMIndex you can index documents associated with their vector. Documents can then be matched to query vectors. This represents a minimalistic search engine. ~~~ var index = new VSMIndex var d1 = new Document("Doc 1", "/uri/1", v1) index.index_document(d1) var d2 = new Document("Doc 2", "/uri/2", v2) index.index_document(d2) assert index.documents.length == 2 query = new Vector query["term1"] = 1.0 var matches = index.match_vector(query) assert matches.first.document == d1 ~~~


The StringIndex provides usefull services to index and match strings. ~~~ index = new StringIndex d1 = index.index_string("Doc 1", "/uri/1", "this is a sample") d2 = index.index_string("Doc 2", "/uri/2", "this and this is another example") assert index.documents.length == 2 matches = index.match_string("this sample") assert matches.first.document == d1 ~~~


The FileIndex is a StringIndex able to index and retrieve files. ~~~nit index = new FileIndex index.index_files(["/path/to/doc/1", "/path/to/doc/2"]) ~~~