descriptionNit language project; an oo programing language and its tool suite.
ownerJean Privat
last changeTue, 14 Aug 2018 12:59:52 +0000 (08:59 -0400)
Build the compiler:
 $ make 
Compile a program:
 $ bin/nitc examples/hello_world.nit 
Execute the program:
 $ ./hello_world 
2018-08-14 Jean Privatpostmerge: fix error_class_glob.res master
2018-08-13 Jean PrivatMerge: src/model/model_index: model index uses BKTree
2018-08-13 Jean PrivatMerge: libevent: support UNIX domain sockets and add...
2018-08-13 Jean PrivatMerge: nitunit: Use markdown2
2018-08-07 Alexandre Terrasalib: fix unrecognized code blocks in doc units
2018-08-07 Alexandre Terrasanitunit: give exact location of fenced block in tests
2018-08-07 Alexandre Terrasanitunit: fix code blocks in tests
2018-07-24 Alexis Laferrièrecore: fix typos in doc of CircularArray
2018-07-24 Alexis Laferrièrecore: fix typos in union_find
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: update package.ini tags
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: intro minimal usage example
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: add parallel test with TCP and UNIX domain...
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: rename `bind_to` to the more precise `bind_tcp`
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: code style tweaks and cleanup
2018-07-19 Alexis Laferrièrelibevent: add UNIX domain socket support to addrin_to_a...
2018-07-19 Matthieu Le... libevent: add UNIX domain socket support to libevent
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