descriptionNit language project; an oo programing language and its tool suite.
ownerJean Privat
last changeWed, 22 Mar 2017 12:50:22 +0000 (08:50 -0400)
Build the compiler:
 $ make 
Compile a program:
 $ bin/nitc examples/hello_world.nit 
Execute the program:
 $ ./hello_world 
2 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: oot: add Devil's Avocados, a Recipe Preparation... master
4 days ago Jean Privatoot: add Devil's Avocados, a Recipe Preparation Game
4 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: typing: add services for intersecting and subtra...
4 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: grammar: add union and intersection types
4 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: Docker, portability and crosscompiling tweaks
4 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: Windows: path, PATH, and exec improvements
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièretests: add basic MINGW64 skip list
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièreexec: close child pipes from the parent process
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièrecore: split PATH on ; on Windows
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièrecore: standardize Windows path handling
10 days ago Alexis Laferrièrecore: 32 bits fixes
10 days ago Alexis Laferrièrenitc: let CC, CXX and NO_STACKTRACE use env value
11 days ago Alexis Laferrièrenitc: clean up makefile header generation
2017-03-11 Alexis Laferrièredocker: add missing libsdl2-image-dev
2017-03-10 Jean Privattests: update more sav because of the improved null...
2017-03-10 Jean Privatparser: regenerate with union and intersection types
13 months ago v0.8 version 0.8
16 months ago v0.7.9 version 0.7.9
17 months ago v0.7.8 version 0.7.8
19 months ago v0.7.7 nit version v0.7.7
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23 months ago v0.7.3 nit version v0.7.3
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2 years ago v0.6.7 nit version v0.6.7
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