descriptionNit language project; an oo programing language and its tool suite.
ownerJean Privat
last changeFri, 1 Mar 2019 00:08:49 +0000 (19:08 -0500)
Build the compiler:
 $ make 
Compile a program:
 $ bin/nitc examples/hello_world.nit 
Execute the program:
 $ ./hello_world 
2019-03-01 Jean PrivatMerge: CI: macOS jobs for Gitlab CI master
2019-03-01 Jean PrivatMerge: ci: nitlang/nit-ci docker image runs in UTF8
2019-03-01 Jean PrivatMerge: Moving the astvalidation module in astbuilder
2019-03-01 Jean PrivatMerge: Java FFI: use class NitObject for references...
2019-02-28 Jean Privatci: nitlang/nit-ci docker image runs in UTF8
2019-02-28 Alexis Laferrièreci: pre download bdwgc before launching the tests
2019-02-28 Alexis Laferrièremisc/ add -E option to sed for for...
2019-02-28 Alexis Laferrièretests: workaround for 'broken kqueue' error on macOS
2019-02-28 Alexis Laferrièreci: tests for macOS on Gitlab CI
2019-02-27 Florian DeljarryMoving the astvalidation module in astbuilder
2019-02-27 Alexis LaferrièreJava FFI: Makefile adds the compilation dir to the...
2019-02-27 Alexis Laferrièretests: test Java on the new Gitlab CI setup
2019-02-27 Alexis Laferrièreandroid: NitActivity and NitService use long to hold...
2019-02-27 Alexis Laferrièreandroid & benitlux: use NitObject in clients
2019-02-27 Alexis LaferrièreJava FFI: intro NitObject for references to Nit objects...
2019-02-26 Alexis LaferrièreJava FFI: extra_java_file annotation use full Java...
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