descriptionNit language project; an oo programing language and its tool suite.
ownerJean Privat
last changeFri, 16 Feb 2018 16:45:45 +0000 (11:45 -0500)
Build the compiler:
 $ make 
Compile a program:
 $ bin/nitc examples/hello_world.nit 
Execute the program:
 $ ./hello_world 
6 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: Infer more attribute types master
6 days ago Jean PrivatMerge: Intro and use `prompt`, an alternative to `readline`
7 days ago Alexis Laferrière*: remove newly superfluous static types on attributes
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièretests: test the new inferrable attribute types
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièremodel: infer the types of attributes with unary - and...
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièremodel: infer the array types of attributes
7 days ago Alexis Laferrièremodel: extract infer_static_type to support recursive...
8 days ago Alexis Laferrièrenitin: use `prompt`
8 days ago Alexis Laferrièrenitx: remove dependency on GNU readline
8 days ago Alexis Laferrièrenitx: exit on EOF
8 days ago Alexis Laferrièrerealtime: implement the `prompt` service
8 days ago Alexis Laferrièrelib: intro `prompt`, basic Apache 2.0 service to displa...
2018-01-26 Jean PrivatMerge: nitc: check pkg-config packages availability... next
2018-01-26 Alexis Laferrièretests: test_syntax now reports other errors before...
2018-01-26 Alexis Laferrièrenitc & niti: move the duplicated pkg-config checks...
2018-01-25 Jean PrivatMerge: Gamnit on iOS
2 years ago v0.8 version 0.8
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2 years ago v0.7.7 nit version v0.7.7
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3 years ago v0.6.8 nit version v0.6.8
3 years ago v0.6.7 nit version v0.6.7
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