Merge: phase: Introduction of new hook method
[nit.git] / .gitattributes
2017-08-29 Alexis Laferrièregit: restrict -diff attributes to specific files
2016-06-07 Alexandre Terrasa.gitattributes: add *.res to ignore whitespaces
2016-05-19 Alexandre Terrasa.gitattributes: ignore trailing whitespaces in lib...
2015-08-21 Lucas Bajoletgitattributes: Stop watching for whitespaces in patch...
2014-10-31 Jean Privat.gitattributes: nodiff all c_src
2014-08-23 Jean Privattests: do not check whitespace errors in *.res files
2014-02-12 Jean Privatc_src: remove git attribute `diff` on generated files
2013-05-16 Jean Privat.gitattribute: do not diff c_src and parser generated...