2020-07-14 Jean PrivatMerge: phase: Introduction of new hook method master
2020-07-08 Florian Deljarrytests: Update nit test args
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarrynit: Add `run_global_phases` call
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarryerasure_compiler: Add contract phase dependency
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarryseparate_compiler: Add contract phase dependency
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarryglobal_compiler: Add contract phase dependency
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarryabstract_compiler: Add import contract
2020-07-01 Florian Deljarrysrc/contracts: Modification of contract weaving
2020-06-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract refactoring
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrytests/sav: Update tests results
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Improvement contract implementation
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Modification contracts creation
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Remove `contract_name` property
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Update contracts declaration
2020-06-05 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Remove useless return parameter
2020-06-05 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract refactoring
2020-06-04 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Improvement CallSiteVisitor
2020-06-04 Florian Deljarrymodel/model_contract: Move contract model representation
2020-06-04 Jean PrivatMerge: Astbuilder improvement
2020-06-02 Florian Deljarrysrc/astbuilder: generalize `create_callsite`
2020-06-02 Florian Deljarrysrc/astbuilder: move `do_all` method in ASTBuilder
2020-05-26 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract refactoring
2020-05-25 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Add `in_contract` attribute
2020-05-25 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Signatures improvement (ASignature and MSign...
2020-05-25 Florian Deljarrycontract: Documentation improvement
2020-05-20 Jean PrivatMerge: astbuilder: Introduction of new construction...
2020-04-29 Florian Deljarryastbuilder: Add new AST creation services
2020-04-28 Jean PrivatMerge: modelize_property: Define a new API to modify...
2020-04-25 Jean PrivatMerge: typing: Add a mechanism to disable warnings
2020-04-25 Jean PrivatMerge: typing: Add `do_typing` on AExpr
2020-04-20 Florian Deljarrymodelize_property: Define a new API to modify AAttrPropdef
2020-04-20 Florian Deljarrytyping: Add `do_typing` on AExpr
2020-04-20 Florian Deljarrytyping: text formatting
2020-04-20 Florian Deljarrytyping: Add a way to disable warnings
2020-04-20 Jean PrivatMerge: modelbuilder_base: Define ANode as nullable
2020-04-20 Jean PrivatMerge: modelize_property: Add `unsafe_add_mclassdef2ncl...
2020-04-09 Florian Deljarrymodelbuilder_base: Define ANode as nullable
2020-04-09 Florian Deljarrymodelize_property: Add `unsafe_add_mclassdef2nclassdef`
2020-03-17 Jean PrivatMerge: modelize_property: Split the build_property...
2020-03-17 Jean PrivatMerge: src/astbuilder: Add new nodes makers
2020-03-17 Jean PrivatMerge: neo: Move neo node creation
2020-03-17 Jean PrivatMerge: gitlabci: no auth for postgress in tests
2020-03-17 Jean Privatgitlabci: no auth for postgress in tests
2020-03-16 Florian Deljarrymodelize_property: Split model build of AAttrPropdef
2020-03-16 Florian Deljarryneo: Move neo node creation
2020-03-16 Jean PrivatMerge: separate_compiler: Refactored class compilation
2020-03-16 Florian Deljarrysrc/astbuilder: Add new nodes makers
2020-01-29 Louis-Vincent... separate_compiler: Refactored class compilation
2020-01-28 Jean PrivatMerge: Fixed quick_sort when array is length 0 or 1
2020-01-28 Jean PrivatMerge: Simplify constructors: next episode
2019-12-22 Louis-Vincent... Fixed quick_sort when array is length 0 or 1
2019-12-21 Florian DeljarryModel: Add get_direct_supermtype
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrybucketed_game: Old_style_init
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrytest_neo: Fix error when mparameter is duplicated
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrymodelize: Get most specific init from mclass hierarchy
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrytyping: Add error when init is not found
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrysrc: Update init
2019-12-21 Florian Deljarrytests: Fix tests
2019-12-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Fixed safe-call missed cast when reference primi...
2019-12-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Remove useless empty line
2019-11-29 Louis-Vincent... Fixed safe-call miss cast when reference primitive...
2019-11-18 Alexandre TerrasaRemove useless empty line
2019-11-06 Florian Deljarrypep8analysis: Fix no init call
2019-11-06 Florian Deljarryhtml_model: Remove new_msignature
2019-11-06 Florian DeljarryMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2019-11-06 Florian Deljarrymodelize_property: Remove root_init in MClass
2019-10-25 Jean PrivatMerge: tests: Test result update for `curl_http`
2019-10-25 Jean PrivatMerge: Callref compilers
2019-10-21 Florian Deljarrytests: Test result update for `curl_http`
2019-10-16 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract: Change mpropdef driving
2019-10-12 Louis-Vincent... Callref bugfix in interpreter and compilers + autosav
2019-10-11 Louis-Vincent... removed `nitvm` engine from tests
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Updated `tests/syntax_callref.nit`
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expressions support for Erasure Compiler
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expressions support for Global Compiler
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expression support for Separate Compiler.
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expression support for the interpreter
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrycontracts: change the contract syntax
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Change mpropdef driving
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrytests: Add contract test with static
2019-10-02 Jean PrivatMerge: nitunit the manual
2019-10-02 Jean PrivatMerge: contracts: fix usage of contract with `--erasure`
2019-10-01 Florian Deljarrycontracts: fix usage of contract with `--erasure`
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: add nitish and avoid name conflicts
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: fix float comparaison and print
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: fix examples to be nitunitables
2019-09-30 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract: bug fix
2019-09-30 Florian Deljarrytests: Add tests for generic and virtual types
2019-09-30 Florian Deljarrysrc/contracts: Fix contracts on virtual and generic...
2019-09-27 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract implementation
2019-09-26 Jean Privatmanual: CI check with nitunit
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarrysrc/toolcontext: Provide contract options
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarryshare/man/nitc: Adding the man explication to disable...
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Adding all contract generation mechanism
2019-09-25 Florian Deljarrytests: adding contract testing files
2019-09-16 Jean PrivatMerge: astbuilder: First implementation of clonable...
2019-09-16 Jean PrivatMerge: Callref types
2019-09-12 Louis-Vincent... typing: Added typing resolution for `ACallrefExpr`
2019-09-11 Florian Deljarrytests: Add test_astbuilder to the skip list of nitcg...
2019-09-11 Florian Deljarrytest_astbuilder: Add a testing tool for the astbuilder