2019-12-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Fixed safe-call missed cast when reference primi... master
2019-12-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Remove useless empty line
2019-11-29 Louis-Vincent... Fixed safe-call miss cast when reference primitive...
2019-11-18 Alexandre TerrasaRemove useless empty line
2019-10-25 Jean PrivatMerge: tests: Test result update for `curl_http`
2019-10-25 Jean PrivatMerge: Callref compilers
2019-10-21 Florian Deljarrytests: Test result update for `curl_http`
2019-10-16 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract: Change mpropdef driving
2019-10-12 Louis-Vincent... Callref bugfix in interpreter and compilers + autosav
2019-10-11 Louis-Vincent... removed `nitvm` engine from tests
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Updated `tests/syntax_callref.nit`
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expressions support for Erasure Compiler
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expressions support for Global Compiler
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expression support for Separate Compiler.
2019-10-10 Louis-Vincent... Callref expression support for the interpreter
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrycontracts: change the contract syntax
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Change mpropdef driving
2019-10-09 Florian Deljarrytests: Add contract test with static
2019-10-02 Jean PrivatMerge: nitunit the manual
2019-10-02 Jean PrivatMerge: contracts: fix usage of contract with `--erasure`
2019-10-01 Florian Deljarrycontracts: fix usage of contract with `--erasure`
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: add nitish and avoid name conflicts
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: fix float comparaison and print
2019-10-01 Jean Privatmanual: fix examples to be nitunitables
2019-09-30 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract: bug fix
2019-09-30 Florian Deljarrytests: Add tests for generic and virtual types
2019-09-30 Florian Deljarrysrc/contracts: Fix contracts on virtual and generic...
2019-09-27 Jean PrivatMerge: Contract implementation
2019-09-26 Jean Privatmanual: CI check with nitunit
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarrysrc/toolcontext: Provide contract options
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarryshare/man/nitc: Adding the man explication to disable...
2019-09-26 Florian Deljarrycontracts: Adding all contract generation mechanism
2019-09-25 Florian Deljarrytests: adding contract testing files
2019-09-16 Jean PrivatMerge: astbuilder: First implementation of clonable...
2019-09-16 Jean PrivatMerge: Callref types
2019-09-12 Louis-Vincent... typing: Added typing resolution for `ACallrefExpr`
2019-09-11 Florian Deljarrytests: Add test_astbuilder to the skip list of nitcg...
2019-09-11 Florian Deljarrytest_astbuilder: Add a testing tool for the astbuilder
2019-09-11 Florian Deljarryastbuilder: First implementation of clonable for ast...
2019-09-05 Jean PrivatMerge: Can comment annotations
2019-09-05 Jean PrivatMerge: model: Add `mpackage` importation hierarchy
2019-09-05 Jean PrivatMerge: Functional api
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrycheck_annotation: adding no_contract
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrycheck_annotation: Adding ensures annotation
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrycheck_annotation: Adding expects annotation
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrycode_gen: Adding contracts phase
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarryscope: Adding variable verification
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrymodelize_property: Adding unsafe method to register...
2019-08-28 Louis-Vincent... functional: Added universal types to callref
2019-08-28 Louis-Vincent... functional: Added functional lib
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrynitweb: Update to use packages importation graph
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrynitdoc: Update to use packages importation graph
2019-08-28 Florian Deljarrytest_commands_catalog: Update to use packages importati...
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrydoc/static_structure: Update package importation graph
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrynitx: Remove the construction of packages importation...
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrynitcatalog: Update to use the package graph
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrycatalog: Update to use the package graph
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrydigraph: Add feature to get all successors and predecessors
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrymmodule: Added support of package importation
2019-08-27 Florian Deljarrympackage: Add `mpackage` importation graph
2019-08-26 Jean Privattests: add comments in syntax_annotations2.nit
2019-08-26 Jean Privatparser: regenerate with comments in line annotations
2019-08-26 Jean Privatgrammar: enable full comments in line annotations ...
2019-08-26 Jean PrivatMerge: digraph: Implementation of a reflexive directed...
2019-08-23 Jean PrivatMerge: Proposal for lambda expression syntax
2019-08-23 Jean PrivatMerge: Wrapper of ICU's UTF-16 encoded strings and...
2019-08-23 Jean PrivatMerge: Adding a Windows build test
2019-08-23 Jean PrivatMerge: Abstract_text: Add a method to get string repres...
2019-08-22 Florian Deljarrydigraph: Implementation of a reflexive directed graph
2019-08-22 Florian Deljarryabstract_text: Refactorisation of the to_s method
2019-08-22 Florian Deljarryabstract_text: Add the `to_sci` to get the string repre...
2019-08-20 Ana Daouda.gitlab-ci.yml: adding a Windows build test
2019-08-20 Ana Daoudalib/core/text: Wrapper of ICU's UTF-16 encoded strings...
2019-08-19 Jean PrivatMerge: mongodb: Fixed failing test for `aggregate`...
2019-08-19 Jean PrivatMerge: compiler: Refactored `AbstractRuntimeFunction`
2019-08-19 Jean Privattests: update error message of test_parser_args7.res
2019-08-19 Jean Privattests: add syntax_lambda to check various forms
2019-08-19 Jean Privatparser: regenerate with lambda
2019-08-19 Jean Privatsyntax: add lambda construction with the fun keyword
2019-08-16 Louis-Vincent... mongodb: Fixed failing test for `aggregate` method.
2019-08-15 Louis-Vincent... compiler: Refactor `AbstractRuntimeFunction`
2019-08-14 Jean PrivatMerge: abstract_compiler: Replace the use of `n_float...
2019-08-14 Jean PrivatMerge: MModule: new method `add_mclassdef` to avoid...
2019-08-14 Jean PrivatMerge: Callref syntax
2019-08-14 Jean PrivatMerge: fix nitcc assert failure and nitcc continuous...
2019-08-13 Florian Deljarrytext/abstract_text: Adds the float conversion in expone...
2019-08-13 Florian Deljarryastbuilder: Add a `create_callsite` method
2019-08-13 Florian Deljarryastbuilder: Make the construction of the `AMethPropdef...
2019-08-13 Jean Privattests: add syntax_callref.nit
2019-08-13 Jean Privattyping: stub to handle callrefs
2019-08-13 Jean Privatscope: refuse `&x` where x is a local variable
2019-08-13 Jean Privatparser: regenerate with callrefs
2019-08-13 Jean Privatsyntax: add call reference (funref+recv capture) `...
2019-08-12 Florian Deljarryabstract_compiler: Replace the use of `n_float` by...
2019-08-12 Louis-Vincent... MModule: new method `add_mclassdef` to avoid incoherent...
2019-07-19 Jean PrivatCI: nitunit_some skips contrib since some code might...
2019-07-18 Jean PrivatMerge: Safe call operator
2019-07-18 Jean Privatnitcc: tests script return non-zero on failure (print...
2019-07-18 Jean Privatnitcc: trim also remove tags on bad states
2019-07-15 Jean PrivatMerge: ci: generate metrics output in an artifact file