2015-04-13 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: inform the user when no results are found
2015-04-13 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: update README file
2015-04-11 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: delete the first empty line of the preview...
2015-04-11 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: the Nitdoc command search with priorities
2015-04-11 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: make Nitdoc a command
2015-04-11 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: fix omnifunc order of results found in the...
2015-04-11 Alexis Laferrièremisc/vim: make private functions local to the script
2015-04-10 Jean PrivatMerge: Sys is top
2015-04-10 Jean PrivatMerge: Robust IO
2015-04-10 Jean PrivatMerge: miniclean quadtrees
2015-04-10 Jean Privattests: remove fixme sav/nitg-g/fixme/test_deriving_alt1.res
2015-04-10 Jean Privattests: ffi use `Sys_` instead of `Object_` prefix
2015-04-10 Jean Privattests: update tests results related to top-level or...
2015-04-10 Jean Privatcode: remove `protected` from top-level methods (now...
2015-04-10 Jean Privattyping: remove most top-level things
2015-04-10 Jean Privatlib/md5: do not import `print` in FFI
2015-04-10 Jean Privatmixin: look for top-level methods in `Sys`.
2015-04-10 Jean Privatmodelize_classes: top-level methods are defined in...
2015-04-10 Jean Privatengines: implement special fall-back to sys
2015-04-10 Jean Privattyping: look for method in `sys` when they are not...
2015-04-10 Jean Privatmodelize classes: process AStdClassdef before
2015-04-10 Jean Privatniti: implements native `chdir` and `mkdir` with a...
2015-04-09 Jean Privattests: update sav related to ligne changes in kernel
2015-04-09 Jean Privatcontrib/nitester: no more free to call
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib: move errno and strerror to legacy FFI
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib/file: once some global constants
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib/file: some methods return a nullable Error on error
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib/file: String::files does not exist on error
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib/file: remove useless protected for top-level methods
2015-04-09 Jean Privatlib/file: expose FileStat instead of NativeFileStat
2015-04-09 Jean Privatquatree: cleaup indentation
2015-04-09 Jean Privatquadtree: use new constructors
2015-04-09 Jean PrivatMerge: Misc AST
2015-04-09 Jean PrivatMerge: new `with` statement
2015-04-08 Jean Privattests: update nitlight and test_parser
2015-04-08 Jean Privathightlight: remove two asserts that make #1247 crashes
2015-04-08 Jean Privattest_parser: add option `-x` to output XML
2015-04-08 Jean Privathighlight: add infoboxes with messages
2015-04-08 Jean Privathighlight: factorize the creation of tags
2015-04-08 Jean Privattoolcontext: error methods return the messages, to...
2015-04-08 Jean Privattoolcontext: attach errors message to their location
2015-04-08 Jean Privatparser: reuse child location when possible
2015-04-08 Jean Privatlexer: do not create useless location (for whitespaces)
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Parallelization phase introduction
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Not null types
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Improve checking of virtual types
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Clean benches
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatMerge: Robust keep-going
2015-04-08 Jean Privatsrc/hightlight: hightlight and do not crash on MNotNullType
2015-04-08 Jean Privattests: add base_not_null.nit and base_notnull_lit.nit
2015-04-08 Jean Privatcode: remove useless `or else` now that they are detected
2015-04-08 Jean Privattests: update test_new_native_alt1.res because line...
2015-04-08 Jean Privattests: update because resolved types are in error messages
2015-04-08 Jean Privattyping: on type error, also indicate the resolved type
2015-04-08 Jean PrivatUpdate tests error message on null adaptation and tests
2015-04-08 Jean Privatlib/array: suppress a warning to be compatible with...
2015-04-08 Jean Privatmodel: rename `as_notnullable` to `undecorate`
2015-04-08 Jean Privattyping: add `check_can_be_null` to fix and factorize...
2015-04-08 Jean Privatmodel: add new type `MNotNullType` to force that null...
2015-04-07 Jean Privattests: update sav/base_virtual_type7.res
2015-04-07 Jean Privattests: add error_virtual_type.nit and error_virtual_typ...
2015-04-06 Jean Privatlib/file: add some doc and nitunits
2015-04-06 Jean Privatclib/gc_chooser: add a default for a switch to silent...
2015-04-06 Jean Privatmodelize_property: improve the search of circularity...
2015-04-06 Jean Privatmodelize_property: use resolve_mtype_unchecked during...
2015-04-06 Jean Privatmodelize_property: remove unused ASignature::build_sign...
2015-04-04 Jean Privatlib/ai: remove randomness in puzzle so benches can...
2015-04-04 Jean Privatmodel: extract a common proxy from MNullableType
2015-04-04 Jean Privatsrc: use MFormalType for type checks when it makes...
2015-04-04 Jean Privatmodel: introduce MFormalType as a superclass of MVirtua...
2015-04-03 Jean Privattests: add base_with.nit
2015-04-03 Jean Privatcode: rename identifiers `with` since it is a keyword now
2015-04-03 Jean Privatinterpreter: interpret `with` statement
2015-04-03 Jean Privattransform: transform the `with` statement
2015-04-03 Jean Privatbenches/strings: add .gitignore and `make clean`
2015-04-03 Jean Privatbenches/engines: remove nitcc generated files for calc
2015-04-03 Jean Privatbenchs/markdown: add a .gitignore to avoid cruft
2015-04-03 Jean Privatbenchs/markdown: add a root Makefile
2015-04-03 Jean Privattests: update fatal error messages.
2015-04-03 Jean Privattoolcontext: call only `errors_info` once at the end
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelbuilder: run_global_phases do nothing for an empty...
2015-04-03 Jean Privattyping: do not rely on `MModule.object_type` that will...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodel: get_primitive_class filter classes by module
2015-04-03 Jean Privattyping: be more robust on missing/buggy information
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelize_class: make the class-name-conflict a warning
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelize_property: invalidate information to avoid...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelize_class: make various steps more robust if the...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelbuilder: promote `get_mclass_by_name` from typing
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodelbuilder: resolve_mtype does not crash when the...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatmodel: protect MClassDef.is_intro and provide MClass...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatloader: build_module_importation invalidates the mmodul...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatloader: the AModule.mmodule can be null if the mmodule...
2015-04-03 Jean Privatvarious phases: more robust for keep-going
2015-04-03 Jean Privatbenchs/markdown: fix location of nitc
2015-04-03 Jean PrivatMerge: parser: add a basic sabblecc3 parser in Java
2015-04-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Unite app.nit metadata annotations common to...
2015-04-03 Jean PrivatMerge: Updated bench scripts for strings
2015-04-03 Jean Privatparser: add a basic sabblecc3 parser in Java
2015-04-02 Jean PrivatMerge: benches/markdown: add `pandoc` engine.
2015-04-02 Jean PrivatMerge: Test compilation of OS X and iOS programs, on...