brainfuck - 


Brainfuck is as its name implies a simple Brainfuck interpreter written in Nit.

It has almost as much purposes as the language itself, except it provides a good example for Nit programs that work while being concise.


The language is designed to need only a few things :

  • One instruction pointer to the current instruction
  • One array of Bytes for all manipulations of data
  • One data pointer to select where to write/read data

Brainfuck a small instruction set, only eight instructions :

  • >: Increments the data pointer
  • <: Decrements the data pointer
  • +: Increments the byte in the current cell
  • -: Decrements the byte in the current cell
  • [: If the current cell's value is 0, jumps to the matching ]
  • ]: If the current cell's value is non-zero, jumps to the matching [
  • .: Writes the current cell's value to stdout
  • ,: Reads a char from stdin and stores it in the current cell

How to use

First, compile the interpreter with the Nit compiler/interpreter, and launch the program on a brainfuck source file for interpretation.


nitc ./brainfuck.nit
./brainfuck ./examples/