inkscape_tools - 

tools to extract images from SVG files: svg_to_icons for app icons and svg_to_png_and_nit for game sprites

Both tools use Inkscape for to read the SVG files and extract the images.

Create applications icons

svg_to_icons creates icons for Android, iOS and the stores from an SVG file. The icons are generated with the formats and minimum file structure expected by the target platform. This tools works especially well with app.nit.


The --android option generates the folders drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi, etc. with the corresponding icon within.

The --ios option generates many different icon formats for different iOS devices, along with the Contents.json file as expected by Xcode.

Usage examples

See the portable applications at contrib/tnitter and examples/calculator for practical usages of this tool.

Create game sprites and a module to load them

svg_to_png_and_nit prepares sprite assets for Nit applications from a single SVG file. It selects the objects to extract from the SVG file when their id begins with 0.

It produces two files:

  • A Nit source file that declares a single class with an attribute for each selected object. The attribute usually holds a single texture, except if the id ends with a digit, then it will be an array.

  • A single PNG image file that contains all the selected objects. With the option --pow2, the image size is rounded to the next power of 2.


  1. Create a new Inkscape document.
  2. Create objects and set their ids to begin with 0.
  3. Save the document to drawing.svg (for this example), the name of the file is used to name the Nit class.
  4. Execute bin/svg_to_png_and_nit drawing.svg
  5. From your code, import the generated source file at src/drawing.nit.
  6. Use the class DrawingImages and its attributes.