objcwrapper - 

Generator of Nit extern classes to wrap Objective-C services.


objcwrapper is a tool to help access Objective-C classes and methods from Nit. It generates Nit code composed of extern classes and extern methods from the Objective-C FFI. The code should be valid Nit, but it may need some tweaking by hand before use.

objcwrapper takes as input preprocessed Objective-C header files. This preprocessing is usually done by combinig (or piping) calls to: gcc -E, header_keeper and header_static. See the check rules in the Makefile for example preprocessing.


  1. Compile objcwrapper with: make

  2. Compile the wrapper NSArray.nit from the preprocessed header NSArray.h with:

    bin/objcwrapper -o NSArray.h NSArray.h
  3. Import the generated module as usual from any Nit program. It is not recommended to modify the generated file directly, but you can redef the generated classes from other modules.

See also

jwrapper is the inspiration for this tool. It generate wrappers to access Java services from Nit.