darpg - 

Devil's Avocados, a Recipe Preparation Game

Install on GNU/Linux

Download darpg_linux.tar.gz, decompress and launch with bin/darpg.

Install on Windows

Download darpg_win64.zip, unzip and launch with launch.bat.

Install on Android

Download darpg.apk, install with adb install -rd darpg.apk.

Compile for GNU/Linux

  • Install Nit and required system packages by following the Nit README.
  • Install additional system packages for gamnit by following the gamnit README.
  • Clone this repository.
  • Compile with make.
  • Launch with bin/darpg.

How to play

  • Move with WASD.
  • Reorder avocados with Q & E.
  • Tap spacebar to drop avocados.
  • Hold spacebar to throw avocados.
  • Collect the lime and the cilantro to open the door, enter the door to win!


  • Select the level by an argument at launch, ex:

    bin/darpg 0 # for the tutorial
    bin/darpg 3 # for the last level


  • earth.jpeg created by veeterzy, published under CC0
  • heaven.jpeg created by Unsplash, published under CC0
  • hell.jpg created by ZERIG, Jeroným Pelikovský, published under CC0
  • button textures are created by Kenney.nl, published under CC0
  • all other artwork created by Alexis Laferrière and Marie-Pier Lessard