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How to iterate through an array (and other things)

The for construction is used to iterate on many structures. Thus, the simplest way to iterate through an Array is to use it.

var a = [1, 2, 3]
for i in a do
    print i * 2
# outputs 2 4 6

If the index is needed, a alternative is to iterate on the range of the indexes.

var b = ["a", "b", "c"]
for i in [0..b.length[ do
    print "{i}:{b[i]}"
# outputs 0:a 1:b 2:c

In fact, all the subclasses for Collection can be iterated with the for control structure.

var l = new List[Int]
for x in l do print x+2
# outputs 12 22 32

Maps are not Collections but they can also be iterated with the for control structure. In this case two variables are required, one for the key and one for the index.

var mymap = new HashMap[String, Int]
mymap["one"] = 1
mymap["two"] = 2
mymap["three"] = 3
for k, v in mymap do print "{k}={v}"
# outputs one=1 two=2 three=3

If only the keys or the values are needed, the two views keys and values of Maps can be used. These two views implements the Collection interface.

for x in mymap.keys do print x
# outputs one two three
for x in mymap.values do print x
# outputs 1 2 3

The for structure can be used on all collections and all classes that provide an iterate method.