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Repository of Android Applications

Android users can use the http://fdroid.org client, add the official Nit-Droid repository and benefit experimental and bleeding-edge state of the art of mobile Nit applications.

  1. Download and install the F-Droid client
  2. Manage repository (in the menu)
  3. Add a repository (plus icon)
  4. Enter the address http://nitlanguage.org/fdroid
  5. Update (update icon)

Note: A new F-Droid category Nit contains all the applications.

The source code of the applications in the F-Droid repository is available in the catalog under the apk tag.

These applications are compiled by the Nit tools thanks to the app.nit support.

Note: if, for some reason, the fdroid client is not functional, there is the raw list of downloadable .apk files.

How to publish on nitdroid?

This section is indented to maintainers and developpers that wish to publish on nitdroid.

In order to publish the apk, you need:

  • A android-release target in the main Makefile. The target must compile with the nitc options -m android and --release
  • F-Droid metadata files in the main directory. They are named as the apk ID with ’.txt’ appended (e.g. org.nitlanguage.calculator.txt).
  • Optionnally, a upstream.apk entry in the package.ini file that points to http://nitlanguage.org/fdroid/apk/XXX.apk. Where XXX is the last element of the apk ID (e.g. calculator.apk for org.nitlanguage.calculator)

See the calculator example.