a fun language for serious programming

Get Involved

Nit is a target framework for novel compilation techniques and object-oriented research. Currently, the compiler and others tools are actively developed.

Checklist for the New (Potential) Contributor

  • Watch and Discuss. Most of the development and the discussion on the language, tools and packages is done on our github repository.

  • Get the code. The source code of all Nit tools is freely available, see the Download page. If you plan to contribute, it is easier to fork it on Github. To know how to submit a patch, see the links at the end of this page.

  • Keep you informed. Subscribe to Niteration, the monthly newsletter of the Nit project.

  • Show your support. Do not forget to star the project. It is always a nice gesture.

  • Program Things. Try to use Nit. Look at some newcomer tasks, targeted to beginners in Nit.

  • Ask and Report. If you find some, report problems with the language, the libraries or the tools. The chatroom or the pseudo-forum can be used to ask any kind of question.

Devel documentation

  • The NOTICE file that states authorship and licences.
  • The documentation of the source-code (generated with nitdoc).
  • The main README of the source-code.

How-tos and specific documentation