A markdown parser for Nit.

Markdown documentation can be found in http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/. This parser is inspired by the famous TxtMark for Java (https://github.com/rjeschke/txtmark).


nitmd can be used as a standalone tool:

$ nitmd file.md

Or you can use it programmatically by importing the markdown module.

Differences with Markdown specification

This parser passes all tests inside http://daringfireball.net/projects/downloads/MarkdownTest_1.0_2007-05-09.tgz execpt of two:

  1. Images.text: fails because this parser doesn't produce empty 'title' image attributes.
  2. Literal quotes in titles.text: because markdown accepts unescaped quotes in titles and this is wrong.


The NitUnit test suite can be found in test_markdown.nit.

Minimalists tests are prefixed with process_*. All tests from daringfireball are prefixed with process_daring*.

Run the test suite:

$ nitunit lib/markdown/markdown.nit -t lib/markdown/test_markdown.nit

All groups and modules

group bin

markdown > bin

module decorators

markdown :: decorators

Decorators for markdown parsing.
group man

markdown > man

module man

markdown :: man

Simple groff decorator restricted for manpages.
module markdown

markdown :: markdown

Markdown parsing.
module nitmd

markdown :: nitmd

A Markdown parser for Nit.
package_diagram markdown markdown template template markdown->template config config markdown->config core core template->core ini ini config->ini opts opts config->opts ...core ... ...core->core ...ini ... ...ini->ini ...opts ... ...opts->opts


package core


Nit common library of core classes and methods
package ini


ini - Read and write INI configuration files
package opts


Management of options on the command line


package config


Configuration options for nit tools and apps
package template


Basic template system