Easy XML DOM parser

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module dom

dom :: dom

Easy XML DOM parser
group examples

dom > examples

module parser

dom :: parser

XML DOM-parsing facilities
module xml_entities

dom :: xml_entities

Basic blocks for DOM-XML representation
package_diagram dom\> dom parser_base parser_base dom\>->parser_base serialization serialization parser_base->serialization ...serialization ... ...serialization->serialization dom\>examples\> examples dom\>examples\>->dom\> gamnit gamnit gamnit->dom\> nlp nlp nlp->dom\> android android android->gamnit android... ... android...->android


group codecs

core > codecs

Group module for all codec-related manipulations
group collection

core > collection

This module define several collection classes.
group core


Nit common library of core classes and methods
group meta


Simple user-defined meta-level to manipulate types of instances as object.
group poset


Pre order sets and partial order set (ie hierarchies)
group serialization


Abstract serialization services
group text

core > text

All the classes and methods related to the manipulation of text entities


group parser_base


Simple base for hand-made parsers of all kinds


group examples

dom > examples

group gamnit


Portable game and multimedia framework for Nit
group nlp


Nit wrapper for Stanford CoreNLP


group android


Android platform support and APIs
group bundle

android > bundle

A mapping class of String to various value types used by the
group depth

gamnit > depth

gamnit depth, a framework to create portable 3D games in Nit.
group egl


Interface between rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, etc.) and the native windowing system.
group examples

nlp > examples

group examples

app > examples

group flat

gamnit > flat

Simple API for 2D games, built around Sprite and App::update
group glesv2


OpenGL graphics rendering library for embedded systems, version 2.0
group intent

android > intent

Services allowing to launch activities and start/stop services using
group notification

android > notification

Services to show notification in the Android status bar
group service

android > service

Android service support for app.nit centered around the class Service
group shared_preferences

android > shared_preferences

Services allowing to save and load datas to internal android device
group src

android > examples > src

group ui

android > ui

Views and services to use the Android native user interface
group virtual_gamepad

gamnit > virtual_gamepad

Virtual gamepad mapped to keyboard keys for quick and dirty mobile support