Supporting services for the FFI with Java and to access Java libraries

This modules relies on Sys::jvm, Sys::jni_env and Sys::create_default_jvm to get a handle on a JVM. You can adapt the behavior of the FFI and services in this module by redefing Sys::create_default_jvm and supply your own JVM object. You can manage multiple java thread by switching the current environment in a redef of Sys::jni_env, and multiple JVM using Sys::jvm.

See also, the module jvm to control the JVM instances and access JNI functions. You can use it to further customize the behavior of your code.

All groups and modules

module collections

java :: collections

Basic Java collections
module ffi_support

java :: ffi_support

Core supporting services for the FFI with Java
module io

java :: io

Services from the package
module java

java :: java

Supporting services for the FFI with Java and to access Java libraries
package_diagram java java jvm jvm java->jvm core core jvm->core ...core ... ...core->core android android android->java app app app->android egl egl egl->android gamnit gamnit gamnit->android glesv2 glesv2 glesv2->android app... ... app...->app egl... ... egl...->egl gamnit... ... gamnit...->gamnit glesv2... ... glesv2...->glesv2


package core


Nit common library of core classes and methods


package jvm


Java Virtual Machine invocation API and others services from the JNI C API


package android


Android platform support and APIs


package app


app.nit, a framework for portable applications
package egl


Interface between rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, etc.) and the native windowing system.
package gamnit


Portable game and multimedia framework for Nit
package glesv2


OpenGL graphics rendering library for embedded systems, version 2.0
package ios


iOS support for app.nit
package linux


Implementation of app.nit for the Linux platform