17 packages

package ios   wrapper, lib
iOS support for app.nit
package glesv2   graphics, wrapper, lib
OpenGL graphics rendering library for embedded systems, version 2.0
package pthreads   parallelism, wrapper, lib
POSIX Threads support
package curl   network, wrapper, lib
Data transfer powered by the native curl library
package gtk   ui, wrapper, lib
GTK+ widgets and services
package sdl2   graphics, wrapper, lib
This is a low-level wrapper of the SDL 2.0 library (as sdl2) and SDL_image 2.0 (as sdl2::image).
package java   java, wrapper, lib
Supporting services for the FFI with Java and to access Java libraries
package egl   graphics, wrapper, lib
Interface between rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, etc.) and the native windowing system.
package libevent   network, wrapper, lib
Low-level wrapper around the libevent library to manage events on file descriptors
package jvm   java, wrapper, lib
Java Virtual Machine invocation API and others services from the JNI C API
package cocoa   wrapper, lib
Cocoa API, the development layer of OS X
package c   language, wrapper, lib
Structures and services for compatibility with the C language
package posix   wrapper, lib
Services conforming to POSIX
package signals   wrapper, lib
ANSI C signal handling
package xdg_basedir   wrapper, lib
Services for using the XDG Base Directory specification
package curses   ui, terminal, wrapper, lib
Curses for Nit
package cpp   language, wrapper, lib
Services for compatibility with C++ code and libraries