This is a low-level wrapper of the SDL 2.0 library (as sdl2) and SDL_image 2.0 (as sdl2::image).

The main entry point of this project, sdl2, exposes some features of the base library: video, events, syswm, etc. The alternative entry point image offers mainly SDLSurface::load to load images from PNG, JPG or TIF files.

You can also import all to get sdl2 and all its sister libraries, which is only image at this point.


See the minimal example within this project at examples/minimal for a simple example of how to use this project.

All groups and modules

module all

sdl2 :: all

Unites the main sdl2 module and its sister library sdl2::image
module events

sdl2 :: events

SDL 2 events and related services
module image

sdl2 :: image

Services of the SDL_image 2.0 library
module mixer

sdl2 :: mixer

SDL2 mixer with sample/sounds and music
module sdl2

sdl2 :: sdl2

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) 2.0 services for easy window creation and 2D drawing
module sdl2_base

sdl2 :: sdl2_base

Basic SDL 2 features
module syswm

sdl2 :: syswm

Window manager related SDL 2 services
package_diagram sdl2 sdl2 core core sdl2->core gamnit gamnit gamnit->sdl2 glesv2 glesv2 gamnit->glesv2 linux linux gamnit->linux glesv2->sdl2 linux->sdl2 android android android->gamnit android... ... android...->android


package core


Nit common library of core classes and methods


package gamnit


Portable game and multimedia framework for Nit
package glesv2


OpenGL graphics rendering library for embedded systems, version 2.0
package linux


Implementation of app.nit for the Linux platform


package android


Android platform support and APIs
package app


app.nit, a framework for portable applications
package egl


Interface between rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, etc.) and the native windowing system.
package ios


iOS support for app.nit