a fun language for serious programming

Download and install


Nit is still in heavy development.

The main way to get to get it from its git repository

$ git clone https://github.com/nitlang/nit.git

or to download the latest snapshot (tar.gz)

Get dependencies

# Eg. for Debian Jessie (8.0)
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential ccache libgc-dev graphviz libunwind-dev pkg-config
# Older versions of Debian or Ubuntu need `libunwind8-dev` or `libunwind7-dev`


In the nit directory, just call make

$ cd nit
$ make


Currently, there is no official installation process, the tools and lib should just works in place.

It is possible to configure your shell environment (PATH, MANPATH, bash completion) with the script misc/nit-env.sh.

$ source misc/nit_env.sh

It can also register itself in the user's .profile for future sessions with:

$ source misc/nit_env.sh install