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The github repository

Our Workflow heavily relies on the Nit https://github.com/nitlang/nit/ Github repository.

Here are some details.


Issues and Pull Requests use specific labels for specific meanings

  • API: Bug or discussion about the API of a library
  • bug: An identified bug (in library, tools, or elsewhere)
  • Feature Request: A feature missing from the language/libraries which could be useful for several purposes.
  • forum: Github issues are also used as a simple forum system. So this label is used for users' questions and discussions.
  • need_review: The PR need new/additional reviews
  • need_work: More work is required by the submitter. Usually is is set after the tests or the reviews shows problems. Sometime the submitter set the label himself to warn reviewers that work is in progress.
  • newcomer: The issue is open to newcomers to Nit. Such issues are selected to be a nice entry point to new contributors.
  • nitdoc: The issue targets specifically the nitdoc tool and infrastructure.
  • ok_will_merge: The PR passed the tests and reviews. The big integration tests are running (or are planned). If any reviewer has reasons why the PR should not be merged, he has to speak now or forever hold its peace.
  • request_for_comments: The issue needs more information or insight from concerned people.
  • spec: Bug or discussion about the Nit language specification.
  • stalled: Old bug or issue that is still open but whose participants lack motivation or have identified a problem which remains without a nice solution. Might be renamed as need_help.
  • todo: Task that needs to be done, by the assignee or a volunteer.