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Sending Code Contributions

Here are the rules for contributing:

Use the coding style described in the manual.

Describe your patches in English with a one-liner summary, a blank line, then an explanation of the problem and the advantages of the solution implemented by the patch.

The one-liner summary should start with the name of the unit affected by the patch followed by a semicolon.

Sign-off all your patches by including the line "signed-off-by: Your Name <your.email@example.com>" at the end of each patch description. By the signed-off-by tag, you state that you agree with the Contribution Policy.

Keep patches as clean as possible: have only one concern by patch, do not include unrelated changes in a patch, patch series is not about how you developed your solution but about the best way to present your changes.

Check the checklist (below) before sending something.

The recommended way to submit your patches is as a pull request on the nit githup repository. Alternatively, we can accept merge request on some Git repository by email, or patches by email.

For some generic information about contributing to a project that uses Git, ProGit has a dedicated section.

Check list

  • Each commit have a proper signed-off-by tag.

  • Each commit have a proper description

  • Each source file has a proper header license

  • Clean the white spaces:

    $ git log --online --check my_branch $ git rebase --whitespaces=fix my_base my_branch

  • Check the style with nitpretty

  • Check warnings with nitpick -W

  • Run unit-tests with nitunit