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Generic Classes

Generic classes are defined with formal generic parameters declared within brackets. Formal generic parameters can then be used as a regular type inside the class. Generic classes must always be qualified when used.

class Pair[E]
    var first: E
    var second: E
    fun is_same: Bool
        return self.first == self.second
var p1 = new Pair[Int](1, 2)
print p1.second * 10 # outputs "20"
print p1.is_same # outputs "false"
var p2 = new Pair[String]("hello", "world")
p2.first = "world"
print p2.is_same # outputs "true"

Unlike many object-oriented languages, generic classes in Nit yield a kind of sub-typing. For example, Pair[Int] is a subtype of Pair[Object].