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Nit for Sublime-Text

Sublime-Text is a lightweight editor with a good support for most programming languages.

As of now, the bundle for supporting Nit in Sublime-Text only supports syntax highlighting.

How to install

To install the support for Nit in Sublime-Text, you can either use Package-Control and look for NitSyntaxHighlighter or you can just copy the syntax highlighter property list file (available here, and copy it in your Packages folder (~/.config/sublime-text-version/Packages/).

When you are done with this step, you can enjoy Nit source highlighting on any .nit source file automatically !


If you have any experience with the development of Sublime-Text plugins, feel free to contribute to the repository for the support of the language anytime !

The rules for contributing are analogous to their equivalent for the nit language itself.


Note that any lexer compatible with Sublime-Text should be compatible with TextMate.

As for the procedure for installing it, you'll have to figure it out yourself since none of the members of the Nit team works on TextMate.

However if you are interested in contributing to this page to explain future users of the language how to install a TextMate syntax support, feel free to ask on github or via e-mail to the team.