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nitmetrics -- computes various metrics on Nit programs.


nitmetrics [options]... FILE...




Compute all metrics.


Compute metrics about mmodules.


Compute metrics about mclasses.


Compute mendel metrics.


Compute metrics about inheritance usage.


Compute metrics about refinement usage.


Compute metrics about the usage of explicit and implicit self.


Compute metrics about the usage of nodes and identifiers in the AST.


Compute metrics on nullables send.


Compute explicit static types metrics.


Compute tables metrics.


Compute RTA metrics.


Generate Hyperdoc.


Complete metrics on posets.


Detect the definition-site variance constraints on formal parameters.

Infers the possible variance annotations of formal types in Nit programs by identifying the existing constraints on the usage of those formal type.


Detect the static covariance usages.



Also export metrics in CSV format.

-d, --dir

Directory where some statistics files are generated.


Disable colors in console outputs.