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nitpackage - provide useful features to manage Nit packages.


nitpackage [options] FILE...


nitpackage provide packages related features.

For now, only one thing is implemented: the package expansion.

Expanding packages

The --expand option is used to move singleton packages in their own directory.

For example, to move all singleton packages from lib/ into directories, one can use the following command.

nitpackage --expand lib/

Generating package.ini files

The --gen-ini option is used to create package.ini files.

For example, the following command will create a package.ini stub for each package that does not already have a one.

nitpackage --gen-ini lib/

The --force option can be used to force the creation of the INI stub even if the package already contains one.

nitpackage --gen-ini -f lib/



Move singleton packages to their own directory.


Generate package.ini files.


Check package.ini files.


Generate Makefile files.


Check Makefile files.


Check manpages files.


Generate manpages files.


Check README.md files.

-f, --force

Force update of existing files.

-h, -?, --help

Show Help (the list of options).