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nitx - displays specific pieces of API information from Nit source files.


nitx [options] FILE [COMMAND]


nitx in an interactive tool that displays informations about programs and libraries.

A command that query some information can be given as parameter. This will immediately displays the information then terminates the programs.

If no command are given, the program starts an interactive session where commands are entered until :q is given.



lookup module, class and property with the corresponding 'name'.

param: Type

lookup methods using the corresponding 'Type' as parameter.

return: Type

lookup methods returning the corresponding 'Type'.

new: Type

lookup methods creating new instances of 'Type'.

call: Property

lookup calls to 'Property'.

doc: name

lookup documentation pages about 'name'.

code: name

lookup source code related to 'name'.


display an help message about the commands.


exit the tool.


-c, --command

Nitx command to perform.

Execute a command, display results in the console, then quit.


Ignore the attributes.


Also generate private API.


Use catalog.

Allow queries to catalog data (can be long on large code base).