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Nit wrapper for Github API

This module provides a Nit object oriented interface to access the Github api.

Accessing the API

[[doc: GithubAPI]]


[[doc: auth]]

Token can also be recovered from user config with get_github_oauth.

[[doc: get_github_oauth]]

Retrieving user data

[[doc: load_user]] [[doc: User]] [[defs: User]]

Retrieving repo data

[[doc: load_repo]] [[doc: Repo]] [[defs: Repo]]

Other data

[[defs: github::api]]

Advanced uses


[[doc: cache]]

Custom requests

[[doc: github::GithubAPI::get]]

Change the user agent

[[doc: github::GithubAPI::user_agent]]


[[doc: verbose_lvl]]

Using with GitLab

If URL scheme of GitLab API follows the one of Github API, it may be possible to configure this wrapper to use a custom URL.

[[doc: api_url]]

Creating hooks

Using this API you can create Github hooks able to respond to actions performed on a repository.

[[doc: hooks]]

Dealing with events

GithubAPI can trigger different events depending on the hook configuration.

[[doc: GithubEvent]]

[[defs: github::events]]