All properties

fun !=(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: !=

Have self and other different values?
fun ==(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: ==

Have self and other the same value?
type CLASS: Class[SELF]

core :: Object :: CLASS

The type of the class of self.
type SELF: Object

core :: Object :: SELF

Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
fun address_is_null: Bool

core :: Pointer :: address_is_null

Is the address behind this Object at NULL?
protected fun class_factory(name: String): CLASS

core :: Object :: class_factory

Implementation used by get_class to create the specific class.
fun class_name: String

core :: Object :: class_name

The class name of the object.
fun delete_global_ref

jvm :: JavaObject :: delete_global_ref

Delete this global reference
fun delete_local_ref

jvm :: JavaObject :: delete_local_ref

Delete this local reference
fun free

core :: Pointer :: free

Free the memory pointed by this pointer
fun get_class: CLASS

core :: Object :: get_class

The meta-object representing the dynamic type of self.
fun hash: Int

core :: Object :: hash

The hash code of the object.
init init

core :: Object :: init

fun inspect: String

core :: Object :: inspect

Developer readable representation of self.
protected fun inspect_head: String

core :: Object :: inspect_head

fun is_java_null: Bool

jvm :: JavaObject :: is_java_null

Is self null in Java?
intern fun is_same_instance(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_instance

Return true if self and other are the same instance (i.e. same identity).
fun is_same_serialized(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_serialized

Is self the same as other in a serialization context?
intern fun is_same_type(other: Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_type

Return true if self and other have the same dynamic type.
fun new_global_ref: SELF

jvm :: JavaObject :: new_global_ref

Returns a global reference to the Java object behind this reference
init nul: Pointer

core :: Pointer :: nul

C NULL pointer
intern fun object_id: Int

core :: Object :: object_id

An internal hash code for the object based on its identity.
fun output

core :: Object :: output

Display self on stdout (debug only).
intern fun output_class_name

core :: Object :: output_class_name

Display class name on stdout (debug only).
fun pop_from_local_frame: SELF

jvm :: JavaObject :: pop_from_local_frame

Pops the current local reference frame and return a valid reference to self
protected fun pop_from_local_frame_with_env(jni_env: JniEnv): SELF

jvm :: JavaObject :: pop_from_local_frame_with_env

Java implementation of pop_from_local_frame
fun serialization_hash: Int

core :: Object :: serialization_hash

Hash value use for serialization
intern fun sys: Sys

core :: Object :: sys

Return the global sys object, the only instance of the Sys class.
fun to_java_string: JavaString

jvm :: JavaObject :: to_java_string

JavaString representation of self using Java's toString
abstract fun to_jvalue(env: JniEnv): JValue

core :: Object :: to_jvalue

fun to_s: String

core :: Object :: to_s

User readable representation of self.
package_diagram android::NativeAssetFileDescriptor NativeAssetFileDescriptor jvm::JavaObject JavaObject android::NativeAssetFileDescriptor->jvm::JavaObject core::Pointer Pointer jvm::JavaObject->core::Pointer ...core::Pointer ... ...core::Pointer->core::Pointer


interface Object

core :: Object

The root of the class hierarchy.
extern class Pointer

core :: Pointer

Pointer classes are used to manipulate extern C structures.


extern class JavaObject

jvm :: JavaObject

Represens a jni jobject

Class definitions

android $ NativeAssetFileDescriptor
# Android AssetFileDescriptor, can be retrieve by AssetManager and used to load a sound in a SoundPool
extern class NativeAssetFileDescriptor in "Java" `{ android.content.res.AssetFileDescriptor `}
	super JavaObject

	fun close in "Java" `{
		try {
		}catch(IOException e){
	fun create_input_stream: NativeFileInputStream in "Java" `{
		try {
			return self.createInputStream();
		}catch(IOException e){
			Log.e("Error creating input_stream", e.getMessage());
			return null;
	fun create_output_stream: NativeFileOutputStream in "Java" `{
		try {
			return self.createOutputStream();
		}catch(IOException e){
			Log.e("Error creating output stream", e.getMessage());
			return null;
	fun describe_contents: Int in "Java" `{ return (int)self.describeContents(); `}
	fun declared_length: Int in "Java" `{ return (int)self.getDeclaredLength(); `}
	# fun extras: Bundle in "Java" `{ return self.getExtras(); `}

	fun file_descriptor: NativeFileDescriptor in "Java" `{
		FileDescriptor fd =  self.getFileDescriptor();
		if (fd == null) {
			Log.e("AssetFileDesciptorError", "Can't retrieve the FileDescriptor of this AssetFileDescriptor");
		return fd;

	fun length: Int in "Java" `{ return (int)self.getLength(); `}
	fun start_offset: Int in "Java" `{ return (int)self.getStartOffset(); `}
	redef fun to_s import JavaString.to_s in "Java" `{ return JavaString_to_s(self.toString()); `}

	# HACK for bug #845
	redef fun new_global_ref import sys, Sys.jni_env `{
		Sys sys = NativeAssetFileDescriptor_sys(self);
		JNIEnv *env = Sys_jni_env(sys);
		return (*env)->NewGlobalRef(env, self);