Pointer classes are used to manipulate extern C structures.

Introduced properties

fun address_is_null: Bool

core :: Pointer :: address_is_null

Is the address behind this Object at NULL?
fun free

core :: Pointer :: free

Free the memory pointed by this pointer
init nul: Pointer

core :: Pointer :: nul

C NULL pointer

Redefined properties

redef fun ==(o: nullable Object): Bool

core $ Pointer :: ==

Is equal to any instance pointing to the same address
redef type SELF: Pointer

core $ Pointer :: SELF

Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
redef fun hash: Int

core $ Pointer :: hash

Use the address value

All properties

fun !=(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: !=

Have self and other different values?
fun ==(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: ==

Have self and other the same value?
type CLASS: Class[SELF]

core :: Object :: CLASS

The type of the class of self.
type SELF: Object

core :: Object :: SELF

Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
fun address_is_null: Bool

core :: Pointer :: address_is_null

Is the address behind this Object at NULL?
protected fun class_factory(name: String): CLASS

core :: Object :: class_factory

Implementation used by get_class to create the specific class.
fun class_name: String

core :: Object :: class_name

The class name of the object.
fun free

core :: Pointer :: free

Free the memory pointed by this pointer
fun get_class: CLASS

core :: Object :: get_class

The meta-object representing the dynamic type of self.
fun hash: Int

core :: Object :: hash

The hash code of the object.
init init

core :: Object :: init

fun inspect: String

core :: Object :: inspect

Developer readable representation of self.
protected fun inspect_head: String

core :: Object :: inspect_head

intern fun is_same_instance(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_instance

Return true if self and other are the same instance (i.e. same identity).
fun is_same_serialized(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_serialized

Is self the same as other in a serialization context?
intern fun is_same_type(other: Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_type

Return true if self and other have the same dynamic type.
init nul: Pointer

core :: Pointer :: nul

C NULL pointer
intern fun object_id: Int

core :: Object :: object_id

An internal hash code for the object based on its identity.
fun output

core :: Object :: output

Display self on stdout (debug only).
intern fun output_class_name

core :: Object :: output_class_name

Display class name on stdout (debug only).
fun serialization_hash: Int

core :: Object :: serialization_hash

Hash value use for serialization
intern fun sys: Sys

core :: Object :: sys

Return the global sys object, the only instance of the Sys class.
abstract fun to_jvalue(env: JniEnv): JValue

core :: Object :: to_jvalue

fun to_s: String

core :: Object :: to_s

User readable representation of self.
package_diagram core::Pointer Pointer core::Object Object core::Pointer->core::Object core::Pointer... ... core::Pointer...->core::Pointer


interface Object

core :: Object

The root of the class hierarchy.


extern class AConfiguration

android :: AConfiguration

Android NDK's struture holding configurations of the native app
extern class AInputQueue

android :: AInputQueue

Android NDK's struture to handle input events synchronously
extern class ALooper

android :: ALooper

Android NDK's structure to handle events synchronously
extern class ANativeWindow

android :: ANativeWindow

Android NDK's structure to control the native window for drawing
extern class ASensor

android :: ASensor

Extern class referencing a ASensor
extern class ASensorEvent

android :: ASensorEvent

Extern class referencing a ASensorEvent
extern class ASensorEventQueue

android :: ASensorEventQueue

Manages the sensors events
extern class ASensorEvents

android :: ASensorEvents

Array of SensorEvents
extern class ASensorManager

android :: ASensorManager

Manages the sensors
extern class ASensorType

android :: ASensorType

extern class ASensorVector

android :: ASensorVector

Extern class referencing a ASensorVector, attribute of ASensorRef
extern class AndroidKeyEvent

android :: AndroidKeyEvent

An hardware key event
extern class AppDelegate

ios :: AppDelegate

Application interface to the iOS system
extern class AtomicInt

pthreads :: AtomicInt

An atomic Int
extern class BSONError

mongodb :: BSONError

Wrapper for bson_error_t.
extern class BSONObjectId

mongodb :: BSONObjectId

Wrapper for bson_oid_t.
extern class CURLCode

curl :: CURLCode

CURL Code binding and helpers
extern class CURLInfoChars

curl :: CURLInfoChars

Reproduce Enum of available CURL Chars information, used for NativeCurl.easy_getinfo
extern class CURLInfoDouble

curl :: CURLInfoDouble

Reproduce Enum of available CURL Double information, used for NativeCurl.easy_getinfo
extern class CURLInfoLong

curl :: CURLInfoLong

Reproduce Enum of available CURL Long information, used for NativeCurl.easy_getinfo
extern class CURLInfoSList

curl :: CURLInfoSList

Reproduce Enum of available CURL SList information, used for NativeCurl.easy_getinfo
extern class CURLOption

curl :: CURLOption

Reproduce Enum of CURL Options usable, used for NativeCurl.easy_setopt
extern class CURLSList

curl :: CURLSList

Extern Type of the Linked list type of CURL
extern class CURLStatusCode

curl :: CURLStatusCode

Reproduce Enum of HTTP Status Code
extern class Comm

mpi :: Comm

An MPI communicator
extern class ConnectionListener

libevent :: ConnectionListener

A listener acting on an interface and port, spawns Connection on new connections
extern class CppString

cpp :: CppString

A pointer to a C++ std::string instance
extern class DataType

sqlite3 :: DataType

Sqlite data types
extern class DataType

mpi :: DataType

An MPI data type
extern class EGLConfig

egl :: EGLConfig

extern class EGLConformant

egl :: EGLConformant

extern class EGLContext

egl :: EGLContext

extern class EGLDisplay

egl :: EGLDisplay

extern class EGLError

egl :: EGLError

extern class EGLSurface

egl :: EGLSurface

extern class ErrorClass

mpi :: ErrorClass

An MPI error class
extern class GLBuffer

glesv2 :: GLBuffer

Set of buffers as a bitwise OR mask
extern class GLEnum

glesv2 :: GLEnum

General type for OpenGL enumerations
extern class GLProgram

glesv2 :: GLProgram

OpenGL ES program to which we attach shaders
extern class GLShader

glesv2 :: GLShader

Abstract OpenGL ES shader object, implemented by GLFragmentShader and GLVertexShader
extern class GdkColor

gtk :: GdkColor

extern class GdkEvent

gtk :: GdkEvent

extern class GdkGravity

gtk :: GdkGravity

enum GdkGravity
extern class GdkRGBA

gtk :: GdkRGBA

extern class GdkWindowEdge

gtk :: GdkWindowEdge

enum GdkGWindowEdge
extern class Group

posix :: Group

Information on a user group
extern class GtkAdjustment

gtk :: GtkAdjustment

A representation of an adjustable bounded value
extern class GtkAlign

gtk :: GtkAlign

How a widget deals with extra space
extern class GtkArrowPlacement

gtk :: GtkArrowPlacement

enum GtkArrowPlacement
extern class GtkArrowType

gtk :: GtkArrowType

enum GtkArrowType
extern class GtkAssistantPageType

gtk :: GtkAssistantPageType

enum GtkAssistantPageType
extern class GtkAttachOptions

gtk :: GtkAttachOptions

enum GtkAttachOptions
extern class GtkBorderStyle

gtk :: GtkBorderStyle

enum GtkBorderStyle
extern class GtkButtonBoxStyle

gtk :: GtkButtonBoxStyle

enum GtkButtonBoxStyle
extern class GtkButtonsType

gtk :: GtkButtonsType

enum GtkButtonsType
extern class GtkCalendarDisplayOptions

gtk :: GtkCalendarDisplayOptions

enum GtkCalendarDisplayOptions
extern class GtkCellArea

gtk :: GtkCellArea

An abstract class for laying out GtkCellRenderers
extern class GtkCornerType

gtk :: GtkCornerType

enum GtkCornerType
extern class GtkDialogFlags

gtk :: GtkDialogFlags

enum GtkDialogFlags
extern class GtkExpanderStyle

gtk :: GtkExpanderStyle

enum GtkExpanderStyle
extern class GtkFileChooserAction

gtk :: GtkFileChooserAction

enum GtkFileChooserAction
extern class GtkIconSize

gtk :: GtkIconSize

Icon size enum
extern class GtkImageType

gtk :: GtkImageType

enum GtkImageType
extern class GtkInputPurpose

gtk :: GtkInputPurpose

Describe the purpose of an input widget
extern class GtkJustification

gtk :: GtkJustification

enum GtkJustification
extern class GtkMessageType

gtk :: GtkMessageType

enum GtkMessageType
extern class GtkOrientation

gtk :: GtkOrientation

enum GtkOrientation
extern class GtkPackType

gtk :: GtkPackType

enum GtkPackType
extern class GtkPolicyType

gtk :: GtkPolicyType

enum GtkPolicyType
extern class GtkPositionType

gtk :: GtkPositionType

enum GtkPositionType
extern class GtkReliefStyle

gtk :: GtkReliefStyle

enum GtkReliefStyle
extern class GtkResizeMode

gtk :: GtkResizeMode

enum GtkResizeMode
extern class GtkResponseType

gtk :: GtkResponseType

enum GtkResponseType
extern class GtkSelectionMode

gtk :: GtkSelectionMode

enum GtkSelectionMode
extern class GtkShadowType

gtk :: GtkShadowType

enum GtkShadowType
extern class GtkSortType

gtk :: GtkSortType

enum GtkSortType
extern class GtkSpinType

gtk :: GtkSpinType

enum GtkSpinType
extern class GtkStackTransitionType

gtk :: GtkStackTransitionType

Type of animation used for transitions between pages in a GtkStack
extern class GtkStateFlags

gtk :: GtkStateFlags

enum GtkStateFlags
extern class GtkStateType

gtk :: GtkStateType

enum GtkStateType
extern class GtkToolbarStyle

gtk :: GtkToolbarStyle

enum GtkToolbarStyle
extern class GtkTreeModel

gtk :: GtkTreeModel

The tree interface used by GtkTreeView
extern class GtkWidget

gtk :: GtkWidget

Base class for all widgets
extern class GtkWindowPosition

gtk :: GtkWindowPosition

enum GtkWindowPosition
extern class GtkWindowType

gtk :: GtkWindowType

enum GtkWindowType
extern class HErrno

socket :: HErrno

Error code of Sys::h_errno
extern class JClass

jvm :: JClass

Represents a jni jclass
extern class JFieldID

jvm :: JFieldID

Represents a jni jfieldID
extern class JMethodID

jvm :: JMethodID

Represents a jni jmethodID
extern class JNINativeMethod

jvm :: JNINativeMethod

Represents a jni JNINNativeMethod
extern class JValue

jvm :: JValue

Reprents a jni jvalue
extern class JavaObject

jvm :: JavaObject

Represens a jni jobject
extern class JavaVM

jvm :: JavaVM

Represents a jni JavaVM
extern class JniEnv

jvm :: JniEnv

Represents a jni JNIEnv, which is a thread in a JavaVM
extern class MixChunk

sdl2 :: MixChunk

Chunk/sound handle, loaded by mix.load_wav
extern class MixFormat

sdl2 :: MixFormat

Sample format for mix.open_audio
extern class MixInitFlags

sdl2 :: MixInitFlags

Flags for mix.initialize
extern class MixMusic

sdl2 :: MixMusic

Music handle, loaded by mix.load_mus
extern class NSData

cocoa :: NSData

Wrapper of byte buffers
extern class NSError

cocoa :: NSError

Error condition
extern class NSObject

cocoa :: NSObject

Base of the Foundation framework class hierarchy
extern class NativeAppGlue

android :: NativeAppGlue

This is the interface for the standard glue code of a threaded
extern class NativeBSON

mongodb :: NativeBSON

Wrapper for bson_t.
extern class NativeBufferEvent

libevent :: NativeBufferEvent

A buffer event structure, strongly associated to a connection, an input buffer and an output_buffer
extern class NativeCArray

c :: NativeCArray

A native C array, as in a pointer to the first element of the array
extern class NativeCurl

curl :: NativeCurl

CURL Extern Type, reproduce CURL low level behaviors
extern class NativeEvBuffer

libevent :: NativeEvBuffer

A single buffer
extern class NativeEvent

libevent :: NativeEvent

Event, libevent's basic unit of operation
extern class NativeEventBase

libevent :: NativeEventBase

Structure to hold information and state for a Libevent dispatch loop.
extern class NativeGLfloatArray

glesv2 :: NativeGLfloatArray

An array of GLfloat in C (GLfloat*)
extern class NativeListOfScanResult

android :: NativeListOfScanResult

Java list of NativeScanResult
extern class NativeMPQ

gmp :: NativeMPQ

Multi precision Rational
extern class NativeMPZ

gmp :: NativeMPZ

Multi precision Integer
extern class NativeMongoClient

mongodb :: NativeMongoClient

Wrapper for mongoc_client_t.
extern class NativeMongoCollection

mongodb :: NativeMongoCollection

Wrapper for mongoc_collection_t.
extern class NativeMongoCursor

mongodb :: NativeMongoCursor

Wrapper for mongoc_cursor_t.
extern class NativeMongoDb

mongodb :: NativeMongoDb

Wrapper for mongoc_database_t.
extern class NativeSocket

socket :: NativeSocket

Native C socket
extern class NativeSocketAddrIn

socket :: NativeSocketAddrIn

Socket address in the Internet namespace, pointer to a struct sockaddr_in
extern class NativeSocketHostent

socket :: NativeSocketHostent

Host entry information, a pointer to a struct hostent
extern class NativeSocketOptLevels

socket :: NativeSocketOptLevels

Level on which to set options
extern class NativeSocketOptNames

socket :: NativeSocketOptNames

Options for socket, use with setsockopt
extern class NativeSocketPollValues

socket :: NativeSocketPollValues

Used for the poll function of a socket, mix several Poll values to check for events on more than one type of event
extern class NativeSocketProtocolFamilies

socket :: NativeSocketProtocolFamilies

Socket protocol families
extern class NativeSocketSet

socket :: NativeSocketSet

Structure used to register FDs for a Select
extern class NativeSocketTypes

socket :: NativeSocketTypes

Socket types
extern class NativeSqlite3

sqlite3 :: NativeSqlite3

A database connection
extern class NativeStatement

sqlite3 :: NativeStatement

A prepared statement
extern class NativeTimeval

socket :: NativeTimeval

Time structure, with a microsecond resolution
extern class NdkNativeActivity

android :: NdkNativeActivity

An Android activity implemented in C. This is the C part of NativeActivity
extern class Op

mpi :: Op

An MPI operation
extern class PUDControl

bcm2835 :: PUDControl

extern class Passwd

posix :: Passwd

Information on a user account
extern class RPiPin

bcm2835 :: RPiPin

extern class Rank

mpi :: Rank

An MPI rank within a communcator
extern class SDLColor

sdl2 :: SDLColor

A color
extern class SDLEvent

sdl2 :: SDLEvent

SDL 2 event, only the data and no metadata
extern class SDLEventBuffer

sdl2 :: SDLEventBuffer

Temporary buffer for an SDL 2 event exposing the pseudo-class hierarchy metadata
extern class SDLImgInitFlags

sdl2 :: SDLImgInitFlags

Flags from sys.sdl.img.initialize
extern class SDLInitFlags

sdl2 :: SDLInitFlags

Flags for sys.sdl.initialize and related methods
extern class SDLKeysym

sdl2 :: SDLKeysym

Key information
extern class SDLMessageBoxFlags

sdl2 :: SDLMessageBoxFlags

Flag to set the icon in sys.sdl.show_simple_message_box and SDLWindow::show_simple_message_box
extern class SDLPoint

sdl2 :: SDLPoint

A point with x and y
extern class SDLRect

sdl2 :: SDLRect

A rectangle
extern class SDLRenderer

sdl2 :: SDLRenderer

A renderer, maybe software or hardware
extern class SDLRendererFlags

sdl2 :: SDLRendererFlags

Flags for SDLRenderer::new
extern class SDLRendererInfo

sdl2 :: SDLRendererInfo

Information on a SDLRenderer
extern class SDLSurface

sdl2 :: SDLSurface

A bitmap surface
extern class SDLSysWMInfo

sdl2 :: SDLSysWMInfo

Information on the window manager
extern class SDLTexture

sdl2 :: SDLTexture

A loaded bitmap texture
extern class SDLWindow

sdl2 :: SDLWindow

A window created by SDL
extern class SDLWindowFlags

sdl2 :: SDLWindowFlags

Flags for SDLWindow::new and returned by SDLWindow::flags
extern class SDL_PixelFormat

sdl2 :: SDL_PixelFormat

Pixel format information
extern class Sqlite3Code

sqlite3 :: Sqlite3Code

extern class Status

mpi :: Status

Status of a communication used by MPI::probe
extern class SuccessOrError

mpi :: SuccessOrError

An MPI return code to report success or errors
extern class Tag

mpi :: Tag

An MPI tag, can be defined using Int::tag
extern class TimeT

core :: TimeT

Time since epoch
extern class Tm

core :: Tm

Time structure
extern class UCharString

core :: UCharString

ICU string UChar * which are UTF-16 strings
extern class UIApplication

ios :: UIApplication

Graphical application to which events are sent
extern class UIButtonType

ios :: UIButtonType

Style of UIButton
extern class UILayoutConstraintAxis

ios :: UILayoutConstraintAxis

Defines the orientation of the arranged views in UIStackView
extern class UIStackViewAlignment

ios :: UIStackViewAlignment

Defines the layout of the arranged views perpendicular to the UIStackView's axis
extern class UIStackViewDistribution

ios :: UIStackViewDistribution

Defines the size and position of the arranged views along the UIStackView's axis
extern class UITouch

ios :: UITouch

UIKit touch event
extern class UInt64

gmp :: UInt64

Boxing of C Unsigned Long
extern class Window

curses :: Window

A curse windows
extern class XdgBasedir

xdg_basedir :: XdgBasedir

Handle to a local cache of XDG base directories


extern class ASensorAccelerometer

android :: ASensorAccelerometer

Sensor event returned by the Accelerometer sensor
extern class ASensorGyroscope

android :: ASensorGyroscope

Sensor event returned by the gyroscope sensor
extern class ASensorLight

android :: ASensorLight

Sensor event returned by the Light sensor
extern class ASensorMagneticField

android :: ASensorMagneticField

Sensor event returned by the Magnetic Field sensor
extern class ASensorProximity

android :: ASensorProximity

sensor event returned by the Proximity Sensor
extern class AbstractJavaArray[E: Object]

java :: AbstractJavaArray

Java primitive array
extern class Android_app_Fragment

android :: Android_app_Fragment

Java class: android.app.Fragment
extern class Android_widget_AbsListView

android :: Android_widget_AbsListView

Java class: android.widget.AbsListView
extern class Android_widget_Adapter

android :: Android_widget_Adapter

Java class: android.widget.Adapter
extern class Android_widget_ArrayAdapter

android :: Android_widget_ArrayAdapter

Java class: android.widget.ArrayAdapter
extern class Android_widget_BaseAdapter

android :: Android_widget_BaseAdapter

Java class: android.widget.BaseAdapter
extern class Android_widget_CheckBox

android :: Android_widget_CheckBox

Java class: android.widget.CheckBox
extern class Android_widget_Checkable

android :: Android_widget_Checkable

Java class: android.widget.Checkable
extern class Android_widget_CompoundButton

android :: Android_widget_CompoundButton

Java abstract class: android.widget.CompoundButton
extern class Android_widget_ListAdapter

android :: Android_widget_ListAdapter

Java class: android.widget.ListAdapter
extern class Android_widget_ListView

android :: Android_widget_ListView

Java class: android.widget.ListView
extern class Android_widget_SpinnerAdapter

android :: Android_widget_SpinnerAdapter

Java class: android.widget.SpinnerAdapter
extern class CString

core :: CString

C string char *
extern class FullSensor

android :: FullSensor

extern class GLArrayBuffer

glesv2 :: GLArrayBuffer

Target to which bind the buffer with glBindBuffer
extern class GLAttachment

glesv2 :: GLAttachment

Renderbuffer attachment point to a framebuffer
extern class GLBlendFactor

glesv2 :: GLBlendFactor

Pixel arithmetic for blending operations
extern class GLBufferUsage

glesv2 :: GLBufferUsage

Expected usage of a buffer
extern class GLCullFaceMode

glesv2 :: GLCullFaceMode

Candidates for culling
extern class GLDataType

glesv2 :: GLDataType

All data types of OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders
extern class GLDepthFunc

glesv2 :: GLDepthFunc

Condition under which a pixel will be drawn
extern class GLDrawMode

glesv2 :: GLDrawMode

Kind of primitives to render
extern class GLError

glesv2 :: GLError

An OpenGL ES 2.0 error code
extern class GLFragmentShader

glesv2 :: GLFragmentShader

An OpenGL ES 2.0 fragment shader
extern class GLFramebufferStatus

glesv2 :: GLFramebufferStatus

Return value of glCheckFramebufferStatus
extern class GLFramebufferTarget

glesv2 :: GLFramebufferTarget

Target of glBindFramebuffer
extern class GLFrontFaceMode

glesv2 :: GLFrontFaceMode

Orientation of front-facing polygons
extern class GLGetParameterName

glesv2 :: GLGetParameterName

Shader parameter
extern class GLHintMode

glesv2 :: GLHintMode

Hint mode for glHint
extern class GLHintTarget

glesv2 :: GLHintTarget

Hint target for glHint
extern class GLPack

glesv2 :: GLPack

Symbolic name of the parameter to be set with glPixelStorei
extern class GLPixelFormat

glesv2 :: GLPixelFormat

Format of pixel data
extern class GLRenderbufferFormat

glesv2 :: GLRenderbufferFormat

Format for a renderbuffer
extern class GLRenderbufferTarget

glesv2 :: GLRenderbufferTarget

Target of glBindRenderbuffer
extern class GLShaderType

glesv2 :: GLShaderType

Shader type
extern class GLTexParameteri

glesv2 :: GLTexParameteri

Texture minifying and magnifying function
extern class GLTexParameteriName

glesv2 :: GLTexParameteriName

Name of parameters of textures
extern class GLTextureTarget

glesv2 :: GLTextureTarget

Target texture
extern class GLTextureUnit

glesv2 :: GLTextureUnit

Texture unit, the number of texture units is implementation dependent
extern class GLVertexShader

glesv2 :: GLVertexShader

An OpenGL ES 2.0 vertex shader
extern class GtkAboutDialog

gtk :: GtkAboutDialog

Display information about an application
extern class GtkAlignment

gtk :: GtkAlignment

A widget which controls the alignment and size of its child
extern class GtkAppChooserDialog

gtk :: GtkAppChooserDialog

An application chooser dialog
extern class GtkArrow

gtk :: GtkArrow

Displays an arrow
extern class GtkAssistant

gtk :: GtkAssistant

A widget used to guide users through multi-step operations
extern class GtkBin

gtk :: GtkBin

A container with just one child
extern class GtkBox

gtk :: GtkBox

A container box
extern class GtkButton

gtk :: GtkButton

A widget that emits a signal when clicked on
extern class GtkCalendar

gtk :: GtkCalendar

Displays a calendar and allows the user to select a date
extern class GtkCheckButton

gtk :: GtkCheckButton

Check box next to a label
extern class GtkColorButton

gtk :: GtkColorButton

A button to launch a color selection dialog
extern class GtkColorChooserDialog

gtk :: GtkColorChooserDialog

A dialog for choosing colors
extern class GtkComboBox

gtk :: GtkComboBox

An abstract class for laying out GtkCellRenderers
extern class GtkContainer

gtk :: GtkContainer

Base class for widgets which contain other widgets
extern class GtkDialog

gtk :: GtkDialog

Create popup windows
extern class GtkEntry

gtk :: GtkEntry

A single line text entry field
extern class GtkExpander

gtk :: GtkExpander

A container which can hide its child
extern class GtkFileChooserDialog

gtk :: GtkFileChooserDialog

A file chooser dialog, suitable for "File/Open" or "File/Save" commands
extern class GtkFontChooserDialog

gtk :: GtkFontChooserDialog

A dialog for selecting fonts
extern class GtkFrame

gtk :: GtkFrame

A bin with a decorative frame and optional label
extern class GtkGrid

gtk :: GtkGrid

Pack widgets in a rows and columns
extern class GtkHeaderBar

gtk :: GtkHeaderBar

Horizontal container with a title and subtitle
extern class GtkImage

gtk :: GtkImage

A widget displaying an image
extern class GtkLabel

gtk :: GtkLabel

A widget that displays a small to medium amount of text
extern class GtkLinkButton

gtk :: GtkLinkButton

Create buttons bound to a URL
extern class GtkListBox

gtk :: GtkListBox

A vertical container of GtkListBoxRow
extern class GtkListBoxRow

gtk :: GtkListBoxRow

A single row of a GtkListBox
extern class GtkLockButton

gtk :: GtkLockButton

A widget to unlock or lock privileged operations
extern class GtkMessageDialog

gtk :: GtkMessageDialog

A convenient message window
extern class GtkMisc

gtk :: GtkMisc

Base class for widgets with alignments and padding
extern class GtkOrientable

gtk :: GtkOrientable

A widget that can switch orientation
extern class GtkProgressBar

gtk :: GtkProgressBar

A widget which indicates progress visually
extern class GtkRange

gtk :: GtkRange

Base class for widgets which visualize an adjustment
extern class GtkRecentChooserDialog

gtk :: GtkRecentChooserDialog

Displays recently used files in a dialog
extern class GtkScale

gtk :: GtkScale

A slider widget for selecting a value from a range
extern class GtkScaleButton

gtk :: GtkScaleButton

A button which pops up a scale
extern class GtkScrollbar

gtk :: GtkScrollbar

A scrollbar
extern class GtkScrolledWindow

gtk :: GtkScrolledWindow

Contains a single widget and scrollbars
extern class GtkSearchEntry

gtk :: GtkSearchEntry

An entry which shows a search icon
extern class GtkSeparator

gtk :: GtkSeparator

A separator widget
extern class GtkSpinButton

gtk :: GtkSpinButton

Retrieve an integer or floating-point number from the user
extern class GtkSpinner

gtk :: GtkSpinner

Show a spinner animation
extern class GtkStack

gtk :: GtkStack

Container with a single child visible at a time
extern class GtkSwitch

gtk :: GtkSwitch

A "light switch" style toggle
extern class GtkToggleButton

gtk :: GtkToggleButton

Button remaining "pressed-in" when clicked
extern class GtkWindow

gtk :: GtkWindow

Toplevel which can contain other widgets
extern class InputNativeEvBuffer

libevent :: InputNativeEvBuffer

An input buffer
extern class JavaArray

java :: JavaArray

Java primitive array Object[]
extern class JavaBoolArray

java :: JavaBoolArray

Java primitive array boolean[]
extern class JavaByteArray

java :: JavaByteArray

Java primitive array byte[]
extern class JavaCharArray

java :: JavaCharArray

Java primitive array char[]
extern class JavaDoubleArray

java :: JavaDoubleArray

Java primitive array double[]
extern class JavaException

java :: JavaException

Java class: java.lang.Exception
extern class JavaFloatArray

java :: JavaFloatArray

Java primitive array float[]
extern class JavaIntArray

java :: JavaIntArray

Java primitive array int[]
extern class JavaLongArray

java :: JavaLongArray

Java primitive array long[]
extern class JavaShortArray

java :: JavaShortArray

Java primitive array short[]
extern class JavaString

java :: JavaString

A standard Java string java.lang.String
extern class JavaThrowable

java :: JavaThrowable

Java class: java.lang.Throwable
extern class Java_nio_Buffer

java :: Java_nio_Buffer

Container for data of a specific primitive type
extern class Java_nio_ByteBuffer

java :: Java_nio_ByteBuffer

A byte buffer
extern class NSAlert

cocoa :: NSAlert

A simple message box
extern class NSIndexPath

cocoa :: NSIndexPath

Path to a specific node in a tree of nested array collections
extern class NSSet_UITouch

ios :: NSSet_UITouch

Objective-C NSSet of UITouch
extern class NSString

cocoa :: NSString

String of the Foundation Kit
extern class NSUserDefaults

cocoa :: NSUserDefaults

Interface to the defaults system for an app to customize its behavior to match a user's preferences
extern class NativeActivity

android :: NativeActivity

An activity, a single, focused thing a user can do on Android
extern class NativeAssetFileDescriptor

android :: NativeAssetFileDescriptor

Android AssetFileDescriptor, can be retrieve by AssetManager and used to load a sound in a SoundPool
extern class NativeBundle

android :: NativeBundle

extern class NativeButton

android :: NativeButton

extern class NativeCByteArray

c :: NativeCByteArray

An array of unsigned char in C (unsigned char*)
extern class NativeCIntArray

c :: NativeCIntArray

An array of int in C (int*)
extern class NativeCStringArray

c :: NativeCStringArray

An array of CString in C (char**)
extern class NativeCUInt16Array

c :: NativeCUInt16Array

An array of uint16_t in C
extern class NativeContext

android :: NativeContext

An Android activity context
extern class NativeContextWrapper

android :: NativeContextWrapper

A wrapper of context
extern class NativeEvSignal

libevent :: NativeEvSignal

Signal event
extern class NativeFile

java :: NativeFile

extern class NativeGridLayout

android :: NativeGridLayout

A NativeViewGroup organized as a grid
extern class NativeHeadTracker

android :: NativeHeadTracker

Provides head tracking information from the device IMU
extern class NativeIntent

android :: NativeIntent

extern class NativeKeyEvent

android :: NativeKeyEvent

Java class: android.view.KeyEvent
extern class NativeLinearLayout

android :: NativeLinearLayout

A NativeViewGroup organized in a line
extern class NativeNativeActivity

android :: NativeNativeActivity

Android SDK's android.app.NativeActivity.
extern class NativeNitActivity

android :: NativeNitActivity

Wrapper to our Java NitActivity
extern class NativeScanResult

android :: NativeScanResult

Wraps Java class: android.net.wifi.ScanResult
extern class NativeService

android :: NativeService

Wrapper of Java class android.app.Service
extern class NativeView

android :: NativeView

A View for Android
extern class NativeViewGroup

android :: NativeViewGroup

A collection of NativeView
extern class NativeWifiManager

android :: NativeWifiManager

Wraps Java class: android.net.wifi.WifiManager
extern class NitViewController

ios :: NitViewController

View controller associated to an app.nit Window
extern class OutputNativeEvBuffer

libevent :: OutputNativeEvBuffer

An output buffer
extern class SDLKeyboardDownEvent

sdl2 :: SDLKeyboardDownEvent

Keyboard button click event
extern class SDLKeyboardEvent

sdl2 :: SDLKeyboardEvent

Keyboard button event
extern class SDLKeyboardUpEvent

sdl2 :: SDLKeyboardUpEvent

Keyboard button release event
extern class SDLMouseButtonDownEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseButtonDownEvent

Mouse button click event
extern class SDLMouseButtonEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseButtonEvent

Mouse button event
extern class SDLMouseButtonUpEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseButtonUpEvent

Mouse button release event
extern class SDLMouseEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseEvent

Mouse event
extern class SDLMouseMotionEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseMotionEvent

Mouse motion event
extern class SDLMouseWheelEvent

sdl2 :: SDLMouseWheelEvent

Mouse wheel event
extern class SDLQuitEvent

sdl2 :: SDLQuitEvent

Quit event, usually from the close window button
extern class SDLWindowEvent

sdl2 :: SDLWindowEvent

Window event
extern class UIButton

ios :: UIButton

Button on the touch screen
extern class UIColor

ios :: UIColor

Color data with opacity
extern class UIControl

ios :: UIControl

Base class for control objects
extern class UIEvent

ios :: UIEvent

UIKit event
extern class UILabel

ios :: UILabel

Read-only text view
extern class UIScrollView

ios :: UIScrollView

Support for displaying content larger than the window
extern class UIStackView

ios :: UIStackView

Lays out a collection of views in either a column or a row
extern class UISwitch

ios :: UISwitch

On/Off button
extern class UITableView

ios :: UITableView

View to display and edit hierarchical lists of information
extern class UITableViewCell

ios :: UITableViewCell

Cell of a UITableViewCell
extern class UITableViewDataSource

ios :: UITableViewDataSource

Mediator the data model for a UITableView
extern class UITableViewDelegate

ios :: UITableViewDelegate

Delegate for a UITableView to configure selection, sections, cells and more
extern class UITableViewStyle

ios :: UITableViewStyle

Style of a UITableView
extern class UITextField

ios :: UITextField

Editable text view
extern class UIView

ios :: UIView

Rectangular area on the screen
extern class UIViewController

ios :: UIViewController

Manages a set of views
extern class UIWindow

ios :: UIWindow

Coordinates an app displays on a device screen
extern class Vibrator

android :: Vibrator

Handle to an Android vibrator

Class definitions

core $ Pointer
# Pointer classes are used to manipulate extern C structures.
extern class Pointer
	# C `NULL` pointer
	new nul `{ return NULL; `}

	# Is the address behind this Object at NULL?
	fun address_is_null: Bool `{ return self == NULL; `}

	# Free the memory pointed by this pointer
	fun free `{ free(self); `}

	# Use the address value
	redef fun hash `{ return (long)(intptr_t)self; `}

	# Is equal to any instance pointing to the same address
	redef fun ==(o) do return o isa Pointer and native_equals(o)
	private fun native_equals(o: Pointer): Bool `{ return self == o; `}

gamnit :: textures $ Pointer
redef class Pointer
	# Multiply RGB values by their alpha value
	private fun premultiply_alpha(width, height: Int) `{
		uint8_t *bytes = (uint8_t *)self;
		int x, y, i = 0;
		for(y = 0; y < height; y ++) {
			for(x = 0; x < width; x ++) {
				int a = bytes[i+3];
				bytes[i  ] = bytes[i  ] * a / 255;
				bytes[i+1] = bytes[i+1] * a / 255;
				bytes[i+2] = bytes[i+2] * a / 255;
				i += 4;

gamnit :: display_android $ Pointer
redef class Pointer
	# Disable out premultiply as we use only the one from Android
	redef fun premultiply_alpha(width, height) do end