General type for OpenGL enumerations

Introduced properties

Redefined properties

redef fun ==(o: nullable Object): Bool

glesv2 $ GLEnum :: ==

Have self and other the same value?
redef type SELF: GLEnum

glesv2 $ GLEnum :: SELF

Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
redef fun hash: Int

glesv2 $ GLEnum :: hash

The hash code of the object.

All properties

fun !=(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: !=

Have self and other different values?
fun ==(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: ==

Have self and other the same value?
type CLASS: Class[SELF]

core :: Object :: CLASS

The type of the class of self.
type SELF: Object

core :: Object :: SELF

Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
fun address_is_null: Bool

core :: Pointer :: address_is_null

Is the address behind this Object at NULL?
protected fun class_factory(name: String): CLASS

core :: Object :: class_factory

Implementation used by get_class to create the specific class.
fun class_name: String

core :: Object :: class_name

The class name of the object.
fun free

core :: Pointer :: free

Free the memory pointed by this pointer
fun get_class: CLASS

core :: Object :: get_class

The meta-object representing the dynamic type of self.
fun hash: Int

core :: Object :: hash

The hash code of the object.
init init

core :: Object :: init

fun inspect: String

core :: Object :: inspect

Developer readable representation of self.
protected fun inspect_head: String

core :: Object :: inspect_head

intern fun is_same_instance(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_instance

Return true if self and other are the same instance (i.e. same identity).
fun is_same_serialized(other: nullable Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_serialized

Is self the same as other in a serialization context?
intern fun is_same_type(other: Object): Bool

core :: Object :: is_same_type

Return true if self and other have the same dynamic type.
init nul: Pointer

core :: Pointer :: nul

C NULL pointer
intern fun object_id: Int

core :: Object :: object_id

An internal hash code for the object based on its identity.
fun output

core :: Object :: output

Display self on stdout (debug only).
intern fun output_class_name

core :: Object :: output_class_name

Display class name on stdout (debug only).
fun serialization_hash: Int

core :: Object :: serialization_hash

Hash value use for serialization
intern fun sys: Sys

core :: Object :: sys

Return the global sys object, the only instance of the Sys class.
abstract fun to_jvalue(env: JniEnv): JValue

core :: Object :: to_jvalue

fun to_s: String

core :: Object :: to_s

User readable representation of self.
package_diagram glesv2::GLEnum GLEnum core::Pointer Pointer glesv2::GLEnum->core::Pointer core::Object Object core::Pointer->core::Object ...core::Object ... ...core::Object->core::Object glesv2::GLEnum... ... glesv2::GLEnum...->glesv2::GLEnum


interface Object

core :: Object

The root of the class hierarchy.


extern class Pointer

core :: Pointer

Pointer classes are used to manipulate extern C structures.


extern class GLArrayBuffer

glesv2 :: GLArrayBuffer

Target to which bind the buffer with glBindBuffer
extern class GLAttachment

glesv2 :: GLAttachment

Renderbuffer attachment point to a framebuffer
extern class GLBlendFactor

glesv2 :: GLBlendFactor

Pixel arithmetic for blending operations
extern class GLBufferUsage

glesv2 :: GLBufferUsage

Expected usage of a buffer
extern class GLCullFaceMode

glesv2 :: GLCullFaceMode

Candidates for culling
extern class GLDataType

glesv2 :: GLDataType

All data types of OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders
extern class GLDepthFunc

glesv2 :: GLDepthFunc

Condition under which a pixel will be drawn
extern class GLDrawMode

glesv2 :: GLDrawMode

Kind of primitives to render
extern class GLError

glesv2 :: GLError

An OpenGL ES 2.0 error code
extern class GLFramebufferStatus

glesv2 :: GLFramebufferStatus

Return value of glCheckFramebufferStatus
extern class GLFramebufferTarget

glesv2 :: GLFramebufferTarget

Target of glBindFramebuffer
extern class GLFrontFaceMode

glesv2 :: GLFrontFaceMode

Orientation of front-facing polygons
extern class GLGetParameterName

glesv2 :: GLGetParameterName

Shader parameter
extern class GLHintMode

glesv2 :: GLHintMode

Hint mode for glHint
extern class GLHintTarget

glesv2 :: GLHintTarget

Hint target for glHint
extern class GLPack

glesv2 :: GLPack

Symbolic name of the parameter to be set with glPixelStorei
extern class GLPixelFormat

glesv2 :: GLPixelFormat

Format of pixel data
extern class GLRenderbufferFormat

glesv2 :: GLRenderbufferFormat

Format for a renderbuffer
extern class GLRenderbufferTarget

glesv2 :: GLRenderbufferTarget

Target of glBindRenderbuffer
extern class GLShaderType

glesv2 :: GLShaderType

Shader type
extern class GLTexParameteri

glesv2 :: GLTexParameteri

Texture minifying and magnifying function
extern class GLTexParameteriName

glesv2 :: GLTexParameteriName

Name of parameters of textures
extern class GLTextureTarget

glesv2 :: GLTextureTarget

Target texture
extern class GLTextureUnit

glesv2 :: GLTextureUnit

Texture unit, the number of texture units is implementation dependent

Class definitions

glesv2 $ GLEnum
# General type for OpenGL enumerations
extern class GLEnum `{ GLenum `}

	redef fun hash `{ return self; `}

	redef fun ==(o) do return o != null and is_same_type(o) and o.hash == self.hash