calculator - 

Portable calculator built using app.nit

Project structure

  • calculator_logic defines CalculatorContext with all the business logic of a calculator. It takes as input operations and numbers, and outputs the text to display.
  • calculator implements the portable graphical interface using the app.nit framework
  • scientific_calculator refines calculator to add scientific operations.
  • android_calculator refines calculator to get a nicer aesthetic on Android.
  • ios_calculator refines calculator to get a nicer aesthetic on iOS.
  • calculator_test test CalculatorContext as a black box.


  • Compile and run on the desktop (GNU/Linux and OS X) with:

  • Compile for Android and install on a device or emulator with:

    make bin/android.apk
    adb install -r bin/calculator.apk
  • Compile for iOS and run on the simulator with:

    make bin/
    ios-sim launch bin/


Scientific calculator on Linux with GTK+

Scientific calculator on Android

Scientific calculator on iOS