model_viewer - 

Sample portable 3D app implemented with the gamnit depth framework

This application uses the depth framework to load and display 3D models. It also applies the flat framework to display the static UI elements (like the "Next model" label).

The pretty earth model (GlobeModel) is implemented by a material with a custom graphical program. It renders the earth with an displaced surface, a cloud layer, city lights and Phong lighting effects on the water.


  • For the desktop, the application is compiled to bin/model_viewer.

    This variation can show more models specified on the command line.

    bin/model_viewer [path_to_model ...]
  • For Android, the standard application is compiled to bin/model_viewer.apk.

  • The virtual reality variant bin/model_viewer_vr.apk targets Android and uses Google Cardboard for head tracking.


  • 3D models Tree_01 and Oak_Fall_01 were created by and published under CC0.
  • 3D model Quandtum_BA-2_v1_1 was created by Quandtum and published under CC0.
  • Some textures on the Quandtum_BA-2_v1_1 model have been created with images from These images can be used in free softwares, some restrictions still applies for modifications and other uses.
  • Globe textures credit: NASA, Visible Earth