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Nit Tools

The Compiler Nitc

nitc is the current official Nit compiler. It takes the main module of a Nit program as argument and produce an executable file.

The Interpreter and Debugger Nit

nit is the current official interpreter. It takes the main module of a program as the first arguments then the option and commands of the program.

nit also includes an interactive debugger, it supports basics commands used for debugging a program much like GDB or such.

The Documentation Generator Nitdoc

nitdoc takes one or more modules and generate HTML pages of API documentation for these modules and their imported modules.

The Unit Tester Nitunit

nitunit executes the unit tests from Nit source files.

The Metrics Collector Nitmetrics

nitmetrics gathers some statistics about a Nit programs or modules.

It counts various number of entities and generates some graphs (with graphviz)

The Code Highligher Nitlight

nitlight, generates HTML of highlighted code from Nit source files.

Other Tools

  • Nitdbg Client, network client for remote debugging.
  • Nitls, lists package and path of Nit source files.
  • Nitpick, collects potential style and code issues.
  • Nitpretty, pretty prints Nit code from Nit source files.
  • Nitserial, generates serialization support modules.
  • Nitx, displays specific pieces of API information from Nit source files.