Nit wrapper for Github API

This module provides a Nit object oriented interface to access the Github api.

Accessing the API

GithubAPI - Client to Github API

To access the API you need an instance of a GithubAPI client.

var token = get_github_oauth
assert not token.is_empty

# Init the client.
var api = new GithubAPI(token)

The API client allows you to get Github API entities.

var repo = api.get_repo("nitlang/nit")
assert repo != null
assert == "nit"

var user = api.get_user("Morriar")
assert user != null
assert user.login == "Morriar"


Error: Multiple entities for auth: auth, auth

Token can also be recovered from user config with get_github_oauth.

get_github_oauth - Gets the Github token from git configuration

Return the value of git config --get github.oauthtoken or "" if no key exists.

Retrieving user data

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User - A Github user

Provides access to Github user data. Should be accessed from GithubAPI::get_user.

  • SELF - Type of this instance, automatically specialized in every class
  • _avatar_url - Avatar image url for this user.
  • _blog - User public blog if any.
  • _email - User public email if any.
  • _login - Github login.
  • _name - User public name if any.
  • avatar_url - Avatar image url for this user.
  • avatar_url= - Avatar image url for this user.
  • blog - User public blog if any.
  • blog= - User public blog if any.
  • core_serialize_to - Actual serialization of self to serializer
  • email - User public email if any.
  • email= - User public email if any.
  • from_deserializer - Create an instance of this class from the deserializer
  • init
  • login - Github login.
  • login= - Github login.
  • name - User public name if any.
  • name= - User public name if any.

Retrieving repo data

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Repo - A Github repository.

Provides access to Github repo data. Should be accessed from GithubAPI::get_repo.

Other data

Advanced uses


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Custom requests

get - Execute a GET request on Github API.

This method returns a deserialized result.

For raw data see send.

var api = new GithubAPI(get_github_oauth)
var obj = api.get("/repos/nitlang/nit")
assert obj isa Repo
assert == "nit"

Returns null in case of error.

obj = api.get("/foo/bar/baz")
assert obj == null
assert api.was_error
assert api.last_error isa GithubError

Change the user agent

user_agent - User agent used for HTTP requests.


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Using with GitLab

If URL scheme of GitLab API follows the one of Github API, it may be possible to configure this wrapper to use a custom URL.

api_url - Github API base url.

Default is and should not be changed.

Creating hooks

Using this API you can create Github hooks able to respond to actions performed on a repository.

hooks - Github hook event listening with nitcorn.


import github::hooks

# A simple hook listener that print received events in stdout.
class LogHookListener
   super HookListener

   # Use double dispatch to implement log behavior.
   redef fun apply_event(event) do event.log_event(self)

redef class GithubEvent
   # Log this event.
   # Do nothing by default.
   fun log_event(l: LogHookListener) do end

redef class CommitCommentEvent

   redef fun log_event(l) do
       print "new comment on commit {comment.commit_id}"

var api = new GithubAPI(get_github_oauth)
var listener = new LogHookListener(api, "", 8080)

Dealing with events

GithubAPI can trigger different events depending on the hook configuration.

GithubEvent - Github event stub.

All groups and modules

module api

github :: api

Nit object oriented interface to Github api.
group bin

github > bin

module cache

github :: cache

Enable caching on Github API accesses.
module events

github :: events

Events are emitted by Github Hooks.
module github

github :: github

Nit wrapper for Github API
module hooks

github :: hooks

Github hook event listening with nitcorn.
module loader

github :: loader

group man

github > man

module wallet

github :: wallet

Github OAuth tokens management
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package c


Structures and services for compatibility with the C language
package config


Configuration options for nit tools and apps
package console


Defines some ANSI Terminal Control Escape Sequences.
package core


Nit common library of core classes and methods
package csv


CSV document handling.
package ini


ini - Read and write INI configuration files
package libevent


Low-level wrapper around the libevent library to manage events on file descriptors
package md5


Native MD5 digest implementation as Text::md5
package meta


Simple user-defined meta-level to manipulate types of instances as object.
package mongodb


MongoDB Nit Driver.
package more_collections


Highly specific, but useful, collections-related classes.
package opts


Management of options on the command line
package parser_base


Simple base for hand-made parsers of all kinds
package performance_analysis


Services to gather information on the performance of events by categories
package poset


Pre order sets and partial order set (ie hierarchies)
package posix


Services conforming to POSIX
package privileges


Process privileges management utilities
package pthreads


POSIX Threads support
package realtime


Services to keep time of the wall clock time
package serialization


Abstract serialization services
package template


Basic template system


package base64


Offers the base 64 encoding and decoding algorithms
package curl


Data transfer powered by the native curl library
package json


read and write JSON formatted text
package logger


A simple logger for Nit
package nitcorn


Lightweight framework for Web applications development
package popcorn




package popcorn