108 packages

package core   lib
Nit common library of core classes and methods
package nitcorn   network, lib
Lightweight framework for Web applications development
package android   platform, lib
Android platform support and APIs
package gamnit   game, lib
Portable game and multimedia framework for Nit
package serialization   lib
Abstract serialization services
package app   lib, mobile
app.nit, a framework for portable applications
package json   format, lib
read and write JSON formatted text
package github   web, lib
Nit wrapper for Github API
package ios   wrapper, lib
iOS support for app.nit
package glesv2   graphics, wrapper, lib
OpenGL graphics rendering library for embedded systems, version 2.0
package msgpack   format, lib
MessagePack, an efficient binary serialization format
package sax   xml, format, lib
Core SAX APIs.
package pthreads   parallelism, wrapper, lib
POSIX Threads support
package geometry   algo, lib
Basic geometry data structures and services.
package markdown   format, lib
A markdown parser for Nit.
package gtk   ui, wrapper, lib
GTK+ widgets and services
package curl   network, wrapper, lib
Data transfer powered by the native curl library
package mongodb   database, lib
MongoDB Nit Driver.
package neo4j   database, lib
Neo4j connector through its JSON REST API using curl.
package sdl2   graphics, wrapper, lib
This is a low-level wrapper of the SDL 2.0 library (as sdl2) and SDL_image 2.0 (as sdl2::image).
package linux   lib
Implementation of app.nit for the Linux platform
package actors   parallelism, lib
Nit Actor Model
package nlp   nlp, lib
Nit wrapper for Stanford CoreNLP
package vsm   nlp, vsm, lib
Vector Space Model
package java   java, wrapper, lib
Supporting services for the FFI with Java and to access Java libraries
package ai   ai, algo, lib
Simple library for basic artificial intelligence algorithms
package egl   graphics, wrapper, lib
Interface between rendering APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, etc.) and the native windowing system.
package socket   network, lib
Socket services
package dom   xml, lib
Easy XML DOM parser
package config   config, options, ini, lib
Configuration options for nit tools and apps
package a_star   algo, lib
A* pathfinding in graphs
package template   lib
Basic template system
package ini   format, lib
ini - Read and write INI configuration files
package more_collections   algo, lib
Highly specific, but useful, collections-related classes.
package libevent   network, wrapper, lib
Low-level wrapper around the libevent library to manage events on file descriptors
package saxophonit   xml, format, lib
A SAX 2 parser in Nit.
package jvm   java, wrapper, lib
Java Virtual Machine invocation API and others services from the JNI C API
package mpi   parallelism, lib
Implementation of the Message Passing Interface protocol by wrapping OpenMPI
package poset   algo, lib
Pre order sets and partial order set (ie hierarchies)
package cocoa   wrapper, lib
Cocoa API, the development layer of OS X
package console   terminal, lib
Defines some ANSI Terminal Control Escape Sequences.
package logger   logging, lib
A simple logger for Nit
package sqlite3   database, lib
Services to manipulate a Sqlite3 database
package pipeline   algo, lib
Pipelined filters and operations on iterators.
package binary   io, lib
Read and write binary data with any Reader and Writer
package html   format, lib
HTML output facilities
package gmp   maths, lib
Multi precision integer and rational number using gmp lib
package opts   cli, lib
Management of options on the command line
package trees   algo, lib
General module for tree data structures
package crypto   crypto, algo, lib
Mix of all things cryptography-related
package bcm2835   embedded, lib
Services to control the bcm2835 chipset used in the Raspberry Pi
package event_queue   lib
Register, update and discard events in a timeline.
package bucketed_game   game, lib
Game framework with an emphasis on efficient event coordination
package matrix   lib
Services for matrices of Float values
package text_stat   debug, lib
Injects stat-calculating functionalities to Text and its variants
package meta   lib
Simple user-defined meta-level to manipulate types of instances as object.
package performance_analysis   debug, lib
Services to gather information on the performance of events by categories
package counter   algo, lib
Simple numerical statistical analysis and presentation
package c   language, wrapper, lib
Structures and services for compatibility with the C language
package parser_base   format, lib
Simple base for hand-made parsers of all kinds
package nitcc_runtime   lib
Runtime library required by parsers and lexers generated by nitcc
package logic   algo, lib
First-order logic data structure and algorithm.
package signals   wrapper, lib
ANSI C signal handling
package combinations   algo, lib
Memory-efficient Cartesian products, combinations and permutation on collections.
package posix   wrapper, lib
Services conforming to POSIX
package websocket   network, lib
Adds support for a websocket connection in Nit
package xdg_basedir   wrapper, lib
Services for using the XDG Base Directory specification
package bitmap   lib
The Bitmap class represents a 24-bit bitmap image. An instance can be constructed
package base64   encoding, lib
Offers the base 64 encoding and decoding algorithms
package fca   fca, lib
Formal Concept Analysis
package cartesian   algo, lib
Memory-efficient Cartesian products on heterogeneous collections.
package csv   format, lib
CSV document handling.
package noise   algo, lib
Noise generators PerlinNoise and InterpolatedNoise
package for_abuse   algo, lib
Service management through the for control structure.
package privileges   lib
Process privileges management utilities
package rubix   algo, lib
Rubix-cube modelization library
package realtime   lib
Services to keep time of the wall clock time
package date   lib
Services to manipulate Date, Time and DateTime
package hash_debug   debug, lib
Inject behavior analysis to hash-collections (HashMap, HashSet, etc.)
package mpd   sound, lib
Music Player Daemon client library
package md5   encoding, lib
Native MD5 digest implementation as Text::md5
package sendmail   network, lib
Send emails using the sendmail program
package sexp   format, lib
S-Expression parsing facilities
package scene2d   game, lib
Framework for 2D management of game elements
package ordered_tree   algo, lib
Manipulation and presentation of ordered trees.
package array_debug   debug, lib
Exposes functions to help profile or debug Arrays.
package gettext   i18n, lib
Internationalization of Strings using gettext library
package sha1   encoding, lib
Provides methods to compute the SHA1 hash of a String
package deriving   lib
Automatic derivable implementations of standard basic methods.
package progression   lib
Event-based interface to track the progression of an operation.
package perfect_hashing   algo, lib
Perfect hashing and perfect numbering
package curses   ui, terminal, wrapper, lib
Curses for Nit
package ropes_debug   debug, lib
Exposes methods for debugging ropes when needed.
package readline   lib
GNU readline library wrapper
package emscripten   platform, lib
Platform for the emscripten framework
package prompt   console, lib
Basic services to display a prompt
package cpp   language, wrapper, lib
Services for compatibility with C++ code and libraries
package niti_runtime   lib
Runtime library to loop around the main program for each line in file-name arguments
package symbol   lib
Library for simple interning of strings
package x11   ui, lib
Services from the X11 library
package standard   lib
Old module implicitly imported by the old compiler.