benitlux - 

An unofficial app and mailing list to keep faithful bargoers informed of the beers available at the excellent Brasserie Bénélux.

This project is composed of three softwares:

  • A mobile app and social network,
  • a server with a RESTful API for the mobile app and a web interface to subscribe to the mailing list
  • and a daily background program which updates the DB and send emails.

The mobile app is available on the Nit F-Droid repository, see The web interface is currently published at

Compile and execute

First, choose a server and set the SERVER environment variable accordingly. It can be localhost, a local development server or the official server.

  • SERVER defaults to localhost:8080. This is enough to test running the server and the GNU/Linux client on the same machine.

  • Set SERVER= or to your IP to quickly setup a development server. This allows you to work and test both the clients and the server.

  • Set to use the official server, it should work with all clients. It is not advised to use the official server with unstable clients.

Mobile client

Build and run on GNU/Linux with make bin/benitlux && bin/benitlux

Build and install for Android with: make bin/benitlux.apk && adb install -rd bin/benitlux.apk

Build and simulate for iOS with: make bin/ && ios-sim launch bin/


Install all required development packages. Under Debian or Ubuntu, you can use: apt-get install libevent-dev libsqlite3-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev sendmail

Compile with: make

Launch the daily background program with: bin/benitlux_daily (the argument -e sends the emails)

Launch the server with: bin/benitlux_web

The Web interface will be accessible at http://localhost:8080/

Features and TODO

  • [x] Web page parser
  • [x] Daily mailer
  • [x] Web interface
  • [x] Serialization and deserialization of data classes
  • [x] Android app
  • [x] iOS app
  • [ ] Charlevoix location support
  • [ ] Authenticate unsubscribe actions over GET
  • [x] Social network and location updates
  • [ ] Event updates