Provides the FileServer action, which is a standard and minimal file server

Introduced classes

class FileServer

nitcorn :: FileServer

A simple file server

Redefined classes

redef abstract class String

nitcorn :: file_server $ String

Immutable sequence of characters.

All class definitions

class FileServer

nitcorn $ FileServer

A simple file server
redef abstract class String

nitcorn :: file_server $ String

Immutable sequence of characters.
package_diagram nitcorn::file_server file_server nitcorn::reactor reactor nitcorn::file_server->nitcorn::reactor nitcorn::sessions sessions nitcorn::file_server->nitcorn::sessions nitcorn::media_types media_types nitcorn::file_server->nitcorn::media_types nitcorn::http_errors http_errors nitcorn::file_server->nitcorn::http_errors more_collections more_collections nitcorn::reactor->more_collections nitcorn::vararg_routes vararg_routes nitcorn::reactor->nitcorn::vararg_routes nitcorn::http_request_buffer http_request_buffer nitcorn::reactor->nitcorn::http_request_buffer nitcorn::http_response http_response nitcorn::reactor->nitcorn::http_response nitcorn::sessions->nitcorn::http_response md5 md5 nitcorn::sessions->md5 nitcorn::server_config server_config nitcorn::sessions->nitcorn::server_config nitcorn::http_request http_request nitcorn::sessions->nitcorn::http_request nitcorn::token token nitcorn::sessions->nitcorn::token core core nitcorn::media_types->core nitcorn::http_errors->nitcorn::http_response ...more_collections ... ...more_collections->more_collections ...nitcorn::vararg_routes ... ...nitcorn::vararg_routes->nitcorn::vararg_routes ...nitcorn::http_request_buffer ... ...nitcorn::http_request_buffer->nitcorn::http_request_buffer ...nitcorn::http_response ... ...nitcorn::http_response->nitcorn::http_response ...md5 ... ...md5->md5 ...nitcorn::server_config ... ...nitcorn::server_config->nitcorn::server_config ...nitcorn::http_request ... ...nitcorn::http_request->nitcorn::http_request ...nitcorn::token ... ...nitcorn::token->nitcorn::token ...core ... ...core->core nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn nitcorn::nitcorn->nitcorn::file_server github::hooks hooks github::hooks->nitcorn::nitcorn popcorn::pop_routes pop_routes popcorn::pop_routes->nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn::pthreads pthreads nitcorn::pthreads->nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn::restful restful nitcorn::restful->nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn::htcpcp_server htcpcp_server nitcorn::htcpcp_server->nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn::nitcorn_hello_world nitcorn_hello_world nitcorn::nitcorn_hello_world->nitcorn::nitcorn nitcorn::simple_file_server simple_file_server nitcorn::simple_file_server->nitcorn::nitcorn github::hooks... ... github::hooks...->github::hooks popcorn::pop_routes... ... popcorn::pop_routes...->popcorn::pop_routes nitcorn::pthreads... ... nitcorn::pthreads...->nitcorn::pthreads nitcorn::restful... ... nitcorn::restful...->nitcorn::restful nitcorn::htcpcp_server... ... nitcorn::htcpcp_server...->nitcorn::htcpcp_server nitcorn::nitcorn_hello_world... ... nitcorn::nitcorn_hello_world...->nitcorn::nitcorn_hello_world nitcorn::simple_file_server... ... nitcorn::simple_file_server...->nitcorn::simple_file_server


module abstract_collection

core :: abstract_collection

Abstract collection classes and services.
module abstract_text

core :: abstract_text

Abstract class for manipulation of sequences of characters
module array

core :: array

This module introduces the standard array structure.
module base64

base64 :: base64

Offers the base 64 encoding and decoding algorithms
module bitset

core :: bitset

Services to handle BitSet
module bytes

core :: bytes

Services for byte streams and arrays
module caching

serialization :: caching

Services for caching serialization engines
module circular_array

core :: circular_array

Efficient data structure to access both end of the sequence.
module codec_base

core :: codec_base

Base for codecs to use with streams
module codecs

core :: codecs

Group module for all codec-related manipulations
module collection

core :: collection

This module define several collection classes.
module core

core :: core

Standard classes and methods used by default by Nit programs and libraries.
module engine_tools

serialization :: engine_tools

Advanced services for serialization engines
module environ

core :: environ

Access to the environment variables of the process
module error

core :: error

Standard error-management infrastructure.
module exec

core :: exec

Invocation and management of operating system sub-processes.
module file

core :: file

File manipulations (create, read, write, etc.)
module fixed_ints

core :: fixed_ints

Basic integers of fixed-precision
module fixed_ints_text

core :: fixed_ints_text

Text services to complement fixed_ints
module flat

core :: flat

All the array-based text representations
module gc

core :: gc

Access to the Nit internal garbage collection mechanism
module hash_collection

core :: hash_collection

Introduce HashMap and HashSet.
module http_request

nitcorn :: http_request

Provides the HttpRequest class and services to create it
module http_request_buffer

nitcorn :: http_request_buffer

Http request parsing for buffered inputs.
module http_response

nitcorn :: http_response

Provides the HttpResponse class and http_status_codes
module inspect

serialization :: inspect

Refine Serializable::inspect to show more useful information
module iso8859_1

core :: iso8859_1

Codec for ISO8859-1 I/O
module kernel

core :: kernel

Most basic classes and methods.
module libevent

libevent :: libevent

Low-level wrapper around the libevent library to manage events on file descriptors
module list

core :: list

This module handle double linked lists
module math

core :: math

Mathematical operations
module md5

md5 :: md5

Native MD5 digest implementation as Text::md5
module meta

meta :: meta

Simple user-defined meta-level to manipulate types of instances as object.
module more_collections

more_collections :: more_collections

Highly specific, but useful, collections-related classes.
module native

core :: native

Native structures for text and bytes
module numeric

core :: numeric

Advanced services for Numeric types
module poset

poset :: poset

Pre order sets and partial order set (ie hierarchies)
module protocol

core :: protocol

module queue

core :: queue

Queuing data structures and wrappers
module range

core :: range

Module for range of discrete objects.
module re

core :: re

Regular expression support for all services based on Pattern
module ropes

core :: ropes

Tree-based representation of a String.
module serialization

serialization :: serialization

General serialization services
module serialization_core

serialization :: serialization_core

Abstract services to serialize Nit objects to different formats
module server_config

nitcorn :: server_config

Classes and services to configure the server
module sorter

core :: sorter

This module contains classes used to compare things and sorts arrays.
module stream

core :: stream

Input and output streams of characters
module template

template :: template

Basic template system
module text

core :: text

All the classes and methods related to the manipulation of text entities
module time

core :: time

Management of time and dates
module token

nitcorn :: token

Simple generate_token service, independent of the rest of the nitcorn framework
module union_find

core :: union_find

union–find algorithm using an efficient disjoint-set data structure
module utf8

core :: utf8

Codec for UTF-8 I/O
module vararg_routes

nitcorn :: vararg_routes

Routes with parameters.


module http_errors

nitcorn :: http_errors

Offers ErrorTemplate to display error pages
module media_types

nitcorn :: media_types

Services to identify Internet media types (or MIME types, Content-types)
module reactor

nitcorn :: reactor

Core of the nitcorn project, provides HttpFactory and Action
module sessions

nitcorn :: sessions

Automated session management


module nitcorn

nitcorn :: nitcorn

The nitcorn Web server framework creates server-side Web apps in Nit


module a_star-m


module example_angular

popcorn :: example_angular

This is an example of how to use angular.js with popcorn
module hooks

github :: hooks

Github hook event listening with nitcorn.
module htcpcp_server

nitcorn :: htcpcp_server

A server that implements HTCPCP. At the moment there are no additions.
module loader

github :: loader

module nitcorn_hello_world

nitcorn :: nitcorn_hello_world

Hello World Web server example
module pop_auth

popcorn :: pop_auth

Authentification handlers.
module pop_handlers

popcorn :: pop_handlers

Route handlers.
module pop_json

popcorn :: pop_json

Introduce useful services for JSON REST API handlers.
module pop_routes

popcorn :: pop_routes

Internal routes representation.
module pop_sessions

popcorn :: pop_sessions

Session handlers
module pop_tasks

popcorn :: pop_tasks

Popcorn threaded tasks
module pop_templates

popcorn :: pop_templates

Template rendering for popcorn
module pop_tests

popcorn :: pop_tests

Popcorn testing services
module popcorn

popcorn :: popcorn

Application server abstraction on top of nitcorn.
module pthreads

nitcorn :: pthreads

Activate the use of pthreads with nitcorn
module restful

nitcorn :: restful

Support module for the nitrestful tool and the restful annotation
module restful_annot

nitcorn :: restful_annot

Example for the restful annotation documented at lib/nitcorn/restful.nit
module simple_file_server

nitcorn :: simple_file_server

Basic file server on port 80 by default, may require root to execute
# Provides the `FileServer` action, which is a standard and minimal file server
module file_server

import reactor
import sessions
import media_types
import http_errors

redef class String
	# Returns a `String` copy of `self` without any of the prefixed '/'s
	# Examples:
	#     assert "/home/".strip_start_slashes == "home/"
	#     assert "////home/".strip_start_slashes == "home/"
	#     assert "../home/".strip_start_slashes == "../home/"
	fun strip_start_slashes: String
		for i in chars.length.times do if chars[i] != '/' then return substring_from(i)
		return ""

# A simple file server
class FileServer
	super Action

	# Root folder of `self` file system
	var root: String

		var root = self.root

		# Simplify the root path as each file requested will also be simplified
		root = root.simplify_path

		# Make sure the root ends with '/', this makes a difference in the security
		# check on each file access.
		root = root + "/"

		self.root = root

	# Error page template for a given `code`
	fun error_page(code: Int): Writable do return new ErrorTemplate(code)

	# Header of each directory page
	var header: nullable Writable = null is writable

	# Custom JavaScript code added within a `<script>` block to each page
	var javascript_header: nullable Writable = null is writable

	# Caching attributes of served files, used as the `cache-control` field in response headers
	var cache_control = "public, max-age=360" is writable

	# Show directory listing?
	var show_directory_listing = true is writable

	# Default file returned when no static file matches the requested URI.
	# If no `default_file` is provided, the FileServer responds 404 error to
	# unmatched queries.
	var default_file: nullable String = null is writable

	redef fun answer(request, turi)
		var response

		var local_file = root.join_path(turi.strip_start_slashes)
		local_file = local_file.simplify_path

		# Is it reachable?
		# This make sure that the requested file is within the root folder.
		if (local_file + "/").has_prefix(root) then
			# Does it exists?
			var file_stat = local_file.file_stat
			if file_stat != null then
				if file_stat.is_dir then
					# If we target a directory without an ending `/`,
					# redirect to the directory ending with `/`.
					var uri = request.uri
					if not uri.is_empty and uri.chars.last != '/' then
						return answer_redirection(request.uri + "/")

					# Show index file instead of the directory listing
					# only if `index.html` or `index.htm` is available
					var index_file = local_file.join_path("index.html")
					if index_file.file_exists then
						local_file = index_file
						index_file = local_file.join_path("index.htm")
						if index_file.file_exists then local_file = index_file

				file_stat = local_file.file_stat
				if show_directory_listing and file_stat != null and file_stat.is_dir then
					response = answer_directory_listing(request, turi, local_file)
				else if file_stat != null and not file_stat.is_dir then # It's a single file
					response = answer_file(local_file)
				else response = answer_default
			else response = answer_default
		else response = new HttpResponse(403)

		if response.status_code != 200 then
			var tmpl = error_page(response.status_code)
			if header != null and tmpl isa ErrorTemplate then tmpl.header = header
			response.body = tmpl

		return response

	# Answer the `default_file` if any.
	fun answer_default: HttpResponse do
		var default_file = self.default_file
		if default_file == null then
			return new HttpResponse(404)

		var local_file = (root / default_file).simplify_path
		return answer_file(local_file)

	# Answer a 303 redirection to `location`.
	fun answer_redirection(location: String): HttpResponse do
		var response = new HttpResponse(303)
		response.header["Location"] = location
		return response

	# Build a reponse containing a single `local_file`.
	# Returns a 404 error if local_file does not exists.
	fun answer_file(local_file: String): HttpResponse do
		if not local_file.file_exists then return new HttpResponse(404)

		var response = new HttpResponse(200)
		response.files.add local_file

		# Set Content-Type depending on the file extension
		var ext = local_file.file_extension
		if ext != null then
			var media_type = media_types[ext]
			if media_type != null then
				response.header["Content-Type"] = media_type
			else response.header["Content-Type"] = "application/octet-stream"

		# Cache control
		response.header["cache-control"] = cache_control
		return response

	# Answer with a directory listing for files within `local_files`.
	fun answer_directory_listing(request: HttpRequest, turi, local_file: String): HttpResponse do
		# Show the directory listing
		var title = turi
		var files = local_file.files

		alpha_comparator.sort files

		var links = new Array[String]
		if turi.length > 1 then
			var path = (request.uri + "/..").simplify_path
			links.add "<a href=\"{path}/\">..</a>"
		for file in files do
			var local_path = local_file.join_path(file).simplify_path
			var web_path = file.simplify_path
			var file_stat = local_path.file_stat
			if file_stat != null and file_stat.is_dir then web_path = web_path + "/"
			links.add "<a href=\"{web_path}\">{file}</a>"

		var header = self.header
		var header_code
		if header != null then
			header_code = header.write_to_string
		else header_code = ""

		var response = new HttpResponse(200)
		response.body = """
<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
		{{{javascript_header or else ""}}}
	<div class="container">

		response.header["Content-Type"] = media_types["html"].as(not null)
		return response